Crimean Platform and Russia’s territorial integrity

The closer the summit with a symbolic name "Crimean Platform", the sharper Russian attacks on Ukraine are. This is unsurprising.

Ukraine’s diplomatic initiative presented by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, designed to return the issue of Russia's illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula to the global information field, annoys Russia today. The Russians have a proverb "The cat knows whose meat it has eaten."

The Kremlin is well aware that the 21st century world community will never understand or accept the armed seizure of a foreign country’s territory in Europe. That is why today Russian diplomats and propagandists appeal to the governments and the public of the leading countries and try to demand that they refuse to participate in this fair trial of Russia's aggressive actions on the example of the Russian occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

Today Russia declares that the Crimean Platform is a provocative political event. Isn’t the eighth year of the war with Ukraine just that?

Through various media platforms it calls on the international community to ignore the Crimean Platform summit, and says that the summit "will attempt to consolidate anti-Russian circles in efforts to undermine the territorial integrity of Russia."

This is exactly how the so-called "hybrid ware" is being waged against Ukraine. Except these hostilities are taking place right now in the information space.

It should be reminded that more than 42 states, including the United States, Spain, Canada, Great Britain, France, have already officially confirmed their participation in the summit... On August 17, Japan agreed to support Ukraine. And this list has not been completed yet because the summit is planned to start on August 23, 2021 in Kyiv.

Perhaps, it will be precisely these joint efforts of civilized countries that will put an end to the illegal alienation of territories, the creation of new zones of military instability in Europe, as well as hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. Ukrainians from all over the world also strongly protest  against Russia.

Isn't it time to put an end to the wars that the Russian Federation has been waging since 1992, starting from  the wars in Moldova and Georgia, as well as Russia’s participation in many military conflicts from Syria to Armenia, and to its attack on Ukraine in 2014?

You cannot violate something that doesn't exist. You cannot take what's not yours. 

The whole world knows that Crimea is not yours, Russians. Crimea is Ukraine.

Andria Lortkipanidze for Ukraine Front Lines


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