“Skryabin.Simfo” concert tour dedicated to Kuzma Skryabin 50th anniversary

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To the memory of the 50th anniversary of Kuzma Skryabin (Andriy Kuzmenko), Ukrainian artists prepare tour with the concert program “Skryabin.Simfo”.

Gennady Gutgarts, the producer of “Skryabin.Simfo” project shares with details of the forthcoming tour at the press conference in UNIAN.
The concert program will consist of Kuzma’s songs with the symphony orchestra. The presentation of the concert will take place on November 25, 2018 at the Kyiv Conservatory. After that, the program will be presented in other cities of Ukraine.
“This will be the version of Andriy Kuzmenko’s songs performed by the pop and symphony orchestra under the leadership of Mykola Lysenko,” Gutgarz said. In December, concerts are planned in the east and south of the country, and in the beginning of 2019 – in the western Ukraine.
Detailed information about the tour will be posted on the “Skryabin.Simfo” page in Facebook, where all activities within the project are publicized.
“Somewhere in March, I hope, about 30 cities will see and hear this wonderful program. And I invite you to visit the project web site. Tickets for the concert will be sold exclusively on this domain “, – added Gutgarts.
He also informed that on August 17 – on the day of Andriy Kuzmenko’s birthday, second action will be held for the mass participation of children who will draw their illustrations to Kuzma’s song “Moms” in the camp “Artek” in Pushcha-Vodytsia.
“I really hope that other cities will join us, other children’s and youth institutions and last year’s record will be beaten,” said Gutgarz, inviting everyone to participate.
During the press conference, a book of Olga Kuzmenko, the mother of musician “Lullaby for Andriyko” was also presented. While presenting the book, Varvara Goncharova, co-author of the book, was drawing attention to the fact that it begins precisely from the text and music of the lullaby “Perepillonka”, which was mourned by little Andriy.
“The main idea of the book is that such a bright, phenomenal talent can not appear on an equal footing. That is, the roots of this phenomenon in the culture of Ukraine, this phenomenon is in the upbringing, in the history of Andriy’s family, in the atmosphere in which he was raised, “- commented Goncharova.
According to her, it is planned to print 1 thousand copies of the book, but she expressed the hope that the circulation may be increased. The book should be available soon.
To remind, Andriy Kuzmenko was the prominent Ukrainian musician – contributor to Ukrainian culture and active volunteer who helped Ukrainian soldiers, who died in a car acciden on February 2, 2015.


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