Music spirit of Euromaidan. About Honor, Dignity and Freedom

Music spirit of Euromaidan. About Honor, Dignity and Freedom

Wooden shields. The Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes has already become another important episode of history among many other tragic events experienced by Ukraine: the massacre in Baturyn, the destruction of Sich, the battle of Kruty, the suppression of the Kholodny Yar uprising, the Holodomor, the murders in Babin Yar...

Now, when we have our own state, and there are no prohibitions on historical truth, the kinship of these events is obvious to us. But history is not only dry pages of archives, tomes of scientific works and school textbooks. A large part of it is folk memory. Memory etched in the memories of participants and eyewitnesses of outstanding events and, of course, in creativity. People who worthily resisted evil and died under Ukrainian flags have always become the heroes of legends, poems and song.

This tradition has not been interrupted even now. And now we listen to the songs about the heroes of the Maidan in a special way, because they were written under the influence of the strongest emotions: elation and fear, zeal and despair, friendship and hatred, joy and pain. And a burning longing for the fallen heroes.

This great song story will never be complete without 'Gorila shina palala' [The tire was burning, burning.] Authorship of Andrii Panchyshyn - a famous bard, journalist and poet, laureate of the first "Chervona Ruta" festival in 1989. Andrii Panchyshyn came to the Maidan every day and, together with his creative brother Viktor Morozov, created the cycle "Reffolutsiya", which consisted of fifty songs, which immediately "went popular" from the moment of their appearance.

Source: YouTube. "The tire was burning, burning."

The song history will not be complete without Zenyk Medyukh, known on the Maidan as Zenyk from Stryi. Magnetic in its resemblance to the legendary Cossack Mamai. With his guitar and his songs, he witnessed and participated in all the revolutions of Independent Ukraine. He decided to show his own songs to listeners only at the age of fifty, and he added the songs written during the Maidan to his repertoire to the Cossack, rifle and rebel songs - all the times of the liberation struggle for free Ukraine.

Performers in the genre of original songs, the general public usually knows less than, say, rock musicians, who just as instantly responded to the stormy events of the Maidan. Their songs then took the first places in the ratings of radio stations, and it is from them that the charts of the most memorable songs of the Revolution of Dignity are mostly made up.

I will name only one of them - "Wooden shields". From the cult Ukrainian rock band " Haydamaky", known not only in Ukraine, but also in the world, and unique not only by its own interesting history and the charisma of its leader Oleksandr Yarmola, but above all by its bright national identity.

Wooden Shields. Source: YouTube.

The song "Wooden Shields" was the contribution of " Haydamaky" to the layer of creativity born by the Maidan. This is a frank monologue about honor, dignity, freedom and their true value...

The energy of revolutions, as evidenced by human history (including musical history), feeds the creativity of artists for more than one decade. And more than one song will be composed about the Heavenly Hundred, which is increasing almost every day. Sincere and real, like the soul of a Hero. Because in Ukraine they say: "A Cossack's life is short, but glory is eternal."

Olga Logachova.

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