Lviv Opera hosted Masterpiece

Lviv Opera hosted Masterpiece music video shooting for Ukrainian – American singer Kelsie Kimberlin.

To stress the urgency & importance of acting on our planet’s behalf immediately, Kelsie Kimberlin’s brand-new video supporting “Masterpiece” shows the beauty of our world in full bloom through the spectacular scenery available on location where it was filmed outside in the splendor of Kyiv, Ukraine, and within the artistic walls of its legendary Opera House in Lviv.

When singer/songwriter Kelsie Kimberlin originally recorded her new single “Masterpiece” and its video, the worldwide pandemic had still yet to arrive. In what became a prescient parable for the devastation to follow, “Masterpiece” can now be heard & viewed for exactly what it was – an authentic warning for the people to wake up and change our habits before we run out of time to protect the planet we all share.

Reflecting on the bold beauty & delicate fragility of the world surrounding her, Kelsie’s latest single is as vivid & colorful as a painting come to life. Metaphorically diving deep into the concept of “Masterpiece” – Kimberlin is stunning, graceful, angelic, and all-out spellbinding as she sings the melody & hooks of her brand-new song, personalizing the imagery of her words, while communicating a much more important message when the entire picture becomes clear. “Masterpiece” reveals our gorgeous world personified and presented through a dreamy crystalline prism of sound that evokes radiant emotion with every spin, detailing how each & every one of us are ourselves art, and how crucial it is to recognize & celebrate all that we are. While emphasizing the need for self-love & self-care to be a priority, and highlighting how every person is a “Masterpiece” in their own unique way, Kelsie has brilliantly proven how being at our best, from the humanity we display through our actions, to the values we choose to prioritize, connects our hearts and minds around the globe in profound ways that can generate positive change, together.

By reminding us all from sight to sound that the true wonders of the world are right there in front of us for all to enjoy, Kelsie has insightfully detailed a thought-provoking experience designed to stimulate discussion, awareness, and create the inspiration required for one & all to genuinely embrace and be proud of their responsibility to protect planet Earth. With wildly cinematic visuals and a full storyline video that has Kimberlin dreaming out loud & sounding as fantastic as ever through her brilliantly crafted lyricism, classic vibes, and remarkably passionate voice – “Masterpiece” is every bit as much of a work of art in what listeners will hear, as what viewers will see.

Kelsie Kimberlin’s “Masterpiece” is available on every major music platform online, including the sensationally sensory new video supporting it.

“Masterpiece” looks & sounds exactly as this single’s title implies – Kelsie Kimberlin is at her finest from the speakers to the screen, and thriving with vibrant authenticity.


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