Kyiv became a place of shooting for Apple advertisement

apple apple 8 apple 8 plus ukraine kyiv shooting advertising

Kyiv railway station and the metro station “Golden Gate” became locations for  Apple advertising shooting, reports.

The long-awaited presentation of new products of Apple has already been presented: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, as well as wristwatches Apple Watch Series 3 with Apple Music service.
An advertising video of the new Apple products was filmed in Kiev. So, in advertising you can hear how the arrival of trains in the Ukrainian language is announced. Although, of course, only the Ukrainians themselves can recognize the fact that the station is located in Kiev.

The main hero of the video was Kilian Martin – a famous Spanish skateboarder. The director of the video was Sam Brown, who already had experience of cooperation with Apple. Brown began his career as a clipmaker, shooting for Adele, J-Z and Foo Fighters. For the clip for the song “Rolling in the Deep” he received a “Grammy”. In addition, in the portfolio of the director is the work for “Adidas”, “Audi”, “Honda”, “Lexus”, “Mars” and “Lloyds”.


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