Famous Ukrainians: Maria Prymachenko

Mysterious and emotionally charged, the works of Maria Prymachenko, a folk master of Ukrainian decorative painting, seem to absorb the age-old traditions of many generations of Ukrainian master-craftsmen who, from the depths of the centuries, have brought forth their understanding of good and evil, of ugliness and beauty.


Today is 107 since the birth of amazing master of art Maria Prymachenko (1908–1997). Maria was a renowned Ukrainian village folk art painter, representative of naïve art. She was involved with drawing, embroidery and painting оn ceramics. She was born and spend all her life in the village of Bolotnya, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. Nevertheless, her art is much wider than any terriroty and deeper than an ordinary human imagination.
The compositions of Maria Prymachenko were exhibited all over the former Soviet Union and abroad in Poland, Bulgaria, France and Canada). Maria's albums were published widely all over the world.
To honor the master 2009 was recognized Prymachenko year by UNESCO. A small planet 14624 was given the name 'Prymachenko'. One street in the center of Kyiv - Likhachev boulevard was renamed to Prymachenko boulevard.
More info about Maria's life and work you may find here, but now time to discover her deep, original and sincere art, which help to learn Ukrainian history, traditions, and soul. Indeed, Ukraine is proud to has such a fabulous master. Enjoy.


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