Production of a composite helicopter starts in Ukraine

Motor Sich (Zaporizhzhia) will produce a passenger helicopter for 8 people made of European composite materials. 

This was said by Vyacheslav Boguslaev, head of Motor Sich JSC  during the forum “Big Construction: Aviation and Tourism”, which took place at the Borispol airport. 

 “We have built a production line for 60 helicopters a year. Now we are building 20 helicopters. If there are orders, we will build more. A helicopter is already a necessity rather than a luxury. Now we are opening a shop for the production of fuselages. The next stage is a passenger helicopter for 8 people, completely composite, made of European materials. There are prospects. There is a demand,” Boguslaev said.

 “A helicopter industry has appeared in Ukraine. We have never had one before. The helicopters are half composite: composite blades, a glass cockpit, it is completely digital inside – everything is produced by Ukrainian designers and certified,” said the head of Motor Sich.

He presented the Mi-2MSB-1 ambulance helicopter, which is supplied with European equipment and is capable of transporting a patient in any condition.

“There is a state order for 25 helicopters,” Boguslaev added.


Source: flot2017

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