Attack of Ukrainian helicopters on Russian Belgorod is no more than a version

Date: April 1, 2022

Location: Belgorod, Russia

As it became known from Russian social networks on the morning of April 1, 2022 two helicopters of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an airstrike on oil depots in the Russian city of Belgorod.

If confirmed as a true fact, the Ukrainian helicopter operation to attack an oil depot deep in the Russian territory is an absolutely, royally badass page of this war.

‘Air strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the oil depot in Belgorod does not create “comfortable conditions for the continuation of negotiations” between Russia and Ukraine’ – says President Putin secretary Dmirty Peskov.

Another version, announced by Ukrainian military and Ukrainian officials is that this is just nothing but good motivation for a mobilization in Russia.

Of course, Ukrainian cities on the north east direction are in advance, as damages in Belgorod make it impossible for the Russian offensive in the nearest days.

Nonetheless, one Ukrainian official from the Armed forces of Ukraine said on a briefing that he will not object, but he will not refute the accusation.

Furthermore, Presidential official advisor Oleksiy Arestovich, let himself compare Belgorod to a new ‘Chornobaivka’.


Video credits: Yuri Butusov

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