Ukraine welcomes: Ten places with live music in Kyiv

Ukraine welcomes top Ten places with live music in Kyiv EMPR suggests the most interesting cafes and restaurants in Kyiv where you can listen to the music of different genres and try variety cusine travel to ukraine travel in ukraine live music in kyiv ukraine

It’s easy to find a place with live music in Kyiv. Actually, there are so many, that it’s impossible to put all musical and gastronomical spots in Kyiv into one article. selected the most interesting cafes and restaurants in the city where you can listen to the music of different genres. EMPR suggests you the tour around places in Kyiv, which will be the pleasure not only for your belly, but also for your ears.

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‘Art Eco Cafe’ 

Peremohy Av. 121 d

A place which is perfect for lovers of soft and luscious music. You can come here with family and listen to covers of some famous songs while sipping a ginger tea. Each Friday at 19-22 p.m. visitors can hear violin, piano accordion, grunt-horn and attend mini-concert of classical music. One more feature of the cafe is the exhibition of painters from Andriyivsky Descent (famous descent in Kyiv connecting Upper Town and Podil with a market of handicraft goods). Every month the exhibition is renovated and presents unknown but talented painters to visitors.

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‘Flamber’ restaurant

Sribnokilska Str. 12

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 19-22 p.m. you can enjoy a musical blend of electric guitar, accordion and piano. The main feature of food preparation in this restaurant is the unique cooking method ‘flambe’. This is where the restaurant takes its name from. Meat and fish are prepared just in front of you using ‘flambe’ method, which makes a common restaurant visit a real cooking show! Steaks are marinated in a strong beverage and then set on fire.

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‘Frau Borman’ pub

Nikolsko-Slobidska Str. 2b

Fans of extraordinary interior and college atmosphere will love this place. Every Friday and Saturday you can listen to live music of different genres: rock, jazz, blues and others. Jolly crowds and those who love foot tapping dances - this place is for you.

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‘Mimino’ restaurant

Spaska Str. 10a

The restaurant is fully conceptual, from menu to real Georgian music. Here you can relax listening to sax and duduk (ancient Armenian flute) played by ‘Fresh sound’ band. Band usually performs from Tuesday till Saturday, but sometimes there are some changes in their program so it’s better to specify time and date in advance.

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‘Vagabond’ Art-cafe

Skovorody Str. 7a

‘Vagabond’ Art-cafe is a wonderful place with interesting conception: there are no waiters, people just leave their money at the jar (which is on the bar counter for this purpose). Creative people often spend their time here, so with luck, you can catch a performance of some musician or poet. Each Friday cafe hosts musical gatherings. During warm season musicians often plays right on the street.

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‘Belle Vue’ beer house

Saksaganskogo Str. 7

Do you remember line from the song ’99 bottles of beer on the wall’? Well, in ‘Belle Vue’ this is pretty much real. Cellar of the beer house stores 7 brands of tap beer and 12 brands of bottled beer! The main trend of ‘Cuisine de la beer’ is preparation of beer-based dishes. And all that is backed up by live musicians. Every Tuesday beer house is filled with tunes of guitar and vocals. Every Wednesday and Thursday you can listen to the country music from movies. At Friday and Saturday visitors can relax listening to Latin and jazz motives. Time of music nights is from 20 to 22 p.m.

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‘Mansarda’ restaurant

Vishgorodska Str. 49a

This cafe straddles perfectly the art-interior and cuisine from our childhood. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 19 till 22 p.m. Visitors can enjoy the sounds of famous jazz or modern covers. There is no big dance-floor in ‘Mansarda’, but atmosphere of this place is very cozy and calm. It’s nice to relax here in the evening. Also this place has room of young explorer for children. You can get there through the wardrobe with note ‘This is where childhood goes’ on it.

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‘Poco-Loco’ restaurant

Saksaganskogo Str. 36a

If you ‘like it hot’ when it comes to music, you will love this restaurant of Mexican food and fiery live music. Every Friday from 20 till 22 p.m. visitors dance to the beats of Latin salsa. On Saturdays from 20 till 23 p.m. jazz singers tickle the ears to guests with their music. Mexico is waiting for you! (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)

‘GastroRock’ gastronomical pub

Vozdvizhenska Str. 10b

Traditional pub interior, open cuisine (or let’s say almost open, you can see something If you wish). Lamps are made from graters and skimmers rammed on the light bulbs: extraordinary, stylish and let you see that pub is oriented not only on beer but also tasty food. Menu is rather international: bruschettas, burgers, pasta, risotto, wok noodle, steaks, different sausages seafood. Every Friday and Saturday from 20 till 22 p.m. guests can dance to energetic covers by jazz and rock bands.

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‘Tzimmes’ restaurant

Ihorevska/Sagaidachnogo Str. 5/10

The theme of this place is dedicated to Jewish culture. And it’s not only about kosher dishes, but also about portions, ways of their presentation and waiters (who, by the way, wear kippot). Space is divided into four rooms: ‘Aunt Sonya’s apartment’, ‘Jewish street’ and two ‘Halls of Marc Chagall’ (famous Russian-French artist). From Tuesday till Saturday 20-22 p.m. pleasant Jewish music can be heard here.


Maria Nesheva contributed to this publication

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