The tactics of a defensive war on Ukrainian territory is wrong at this stage

The tactics of a defensive war on Ukrainian territory is wrong at this stage

The tactics of a defensive war on Ukrainian territory is wrong at this stage, and cannot lead to a significant victory over the moscow occupier!

Missile and artillery strikes on Ukraine from the territory of belarus persist. They are perpetrated with impunity, without any response from Ukraine.

This situation is very beneficial for the moscow aggressor: they keep the tension on our northern belarusian front, carrying out almost constant artillery and mortar strikes on the Chernihiv region areas with impunity.

This will continue until we carry out retaliatory strikes on the russian bases and troops in belarus.

Why is this happening?! Because of the erroneous tactics and strategy of the Ukrainian side. In this case, Ukraine becomes a victim of moscow's successful information warfare in this area.

They said that putin constantly puts pressure on lukashenko, forcing him to join the war and send troops to Ukraine. It should be noted that this is a new clever trick of moscow. First, lukashenko is an ordinary puppet of moscow rather than a leader of a sovereign state. He plays his allotted part in this game, and belarus is de facto a province of the moscow empire.

It is obvious that lukashenko does not play his game. The fact that he allegedly resists and does not want to send belarusian troops to Ukraine is moscow‘s usual trick played by him.

Second, there are no armed forces in belarus. In fact, these are russian armed formations created with Belarusians and led and controlled by russian officers and special services. Their task is to ensure the pro-moscow order in belarus. They do not have any belarusian spirit: they speak moscow’s language, their moral and political training is pro-russian.

Third, if it had been profitable for putin to send these so-called Belarusian troops into Ukraine, they would have sent them long ago.

And who will ensure the pro-moscow order in Belarus then? It is not profitable to send military punitive units for this purpose.

Fourth, moscow does not have enough resources to launch a full-scale attack on Ukraine from Belarus. That is, moscow applies a very successful, as for it, tactic: to carry out non-contact strikes on Ukraine from Belarus, which it does.

And the fact that Ukraine does not attack the russian bases in belarus is a mistake, as well as the fact that Ukraine still maintains its embassy in Belarus. Can anyone say that it benefits Ukraine?! Don't be ridiculous!

Why is Ukraine not doing this? We will not go into details, but Ukraine has the proper means to strike most of the russian bases in belarus. But, unfortunately, we even allow the muscovites to shell our border settlements with mortars (from close range). This cannot be justified by anything. This is something like "don't criticize the government, because putin will attack!" Now it's the same: "don't provoke lukashenko, because he will send his troops to Ukraine."

Are we going to preserve this moscow’s furuncle in Belarus? But this is unacceptable! We have to start now to drive muscovites out of there.  And General Nayev has to take responsibility and destroy moscow's border nests from where they fire at our border.

It turns out that our government still adheres to the concept "we conduct combat operations only on our territory." Such a concept is currently outdated and harmful.

We must destroy the aggressor where he is and where we can reach him. Belarus is perfectly suited for this, because the lukashenko puppet regime, together with its moscow patron, has been waging war against Ukraine for a long time.

Our Western partners, helping us with weapons, set conditions not to strike the aggressor across the Ukrainian border. Here we should take Israel's behavior as an example: listen to their absurd advice, and do what Ukraine needs, exterminate the enemy wherever possible.

There is no way back; they will give us weapons anyway, because they must help us not only out of love or pity for us, but first of all - to protect themselves.

A special situation arose after the attack of muscovites on Poland.

Our diplomacy must move from the tactics of a plaintive petitioner to properly aggressive-offensive one. We should thank our American friends for their help and immediately remind the American authorities that a huge share of the blame for the current genocide of the Ukrainian people by muscovites lies with the American authorities, especially President Clinton.

Yes, it was the incompetent President Clinton who unequivocally chose russia as a reliable ally, and together with russia they twisted Ukraine's arms, definitely disarming our state. However, when he became President in 1993, the American elite - military, intelligence, experts yielded a tilt towards Ukraine.

By the way, at the Senate hearings in 1993, the Committee on Foreign Affairs organized by Senator J. Biden took a balanced position that had to take into account the security interests of Ukraine. But Clinton stubbornly did not want to consider any proposals related to the security of Ukraine, and pushed Ukraine into the mouth of the moscow man-eater.

It would be worth reminding President Biden of these events. Because now he is heeding advice from his national security assistant Sullivan delegated to Biden by notorious Clinton, who categorically refuses to recognize his criminal policy towards Ukraine as a mistake.

That's where the shoe pinches. Biden keeps delaying the decision to provide offensive weapons to Ukraine, because Clinton's pupil - Sullivan has been working all along.

Only well-organized pressure on the White House can outweigh Sullivan's influence on President Biden. So our diplomats, in particular in the USA, have a great deal of work ahead of them.

Stepan Khmara

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    The attacks on Russia have begun.

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