Why must the US and UK help Ukraine?

Why must the US and UK help Ukraine?

Why must the US and UK help Ukraine? This is a reminder for those "help Ukraine" advisors, who remember, who have forgotten, did not know, who are russian agents of influence or simply pretend not to understand why the U.S. and the UK must help Ukraine in the war with russia.

 As you know, all international relations in the modern world are based solely on the supremacy of international LAW. If guided solely by international law, the Budapest Memorandum is a Direct Action Treaty under which, in exchange for the transfer by Ukraine of its third largest nuclear arsenal to russia, the latter, together with the USA and the UK, are OBLIGED to guarantee the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 

Instead, russia, one of the guarantors of the signed treaty, seizes more than 20% of Ukraine’s territory through terrorist genocidal military operations. In this case, according to the signed Treaty, the other parties - the USA and the UK guarantors are OBLIGED to take actions to ensure their guarantees, that is, the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

But instead of fulfilling their direct guarantees under the Treaty and ensuring the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the UK and the USA, fearing a direct military clash with russia, choose not to participate in this direct clash with the second army in the world, but to take part in it differently – in a way that is convenient and expedient for them.

In other words, based on the Supremacy of International Law and the signed Treaty, it is not only the Ukrainians who, under the Treaty, must return the occupied territory to Ukraine, but also the Americans and the British!

But the Americans and the British apparently do not want to die, suffer trillions in losses, physical, moral and material damage, spend huge amounts of money on a direct war with russia, and therefore provide a “unique opportunity” for Ukrainian citizens to participate in it themselves - but at the same time providing assistance to Ukraine in the form of military equipment and ammunition, various financial assistance, intelligence, as well as other technical, logistical, advisory, etc. services and advice. Services are not so costly for the US and UK compared to how costly direct US and UK military action against russia could be.

And in this, the guarantors of the Treaty, the US and UK, do not give a choice to the affected party of the Treaty, Ukraine, - take what they give and fight as best you can, although under the Treaty, it is the USA and the UK that must ensure the territorial integrity of Ukraine. And now the question is: was the Russian invasion and seizure of Ukrainian territory possible if Ukraine had not signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994 and, accordingly, had not given Russia dozens of Tu-22 strategic bombers, hundreds of Kh-22 cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and the nuclear warheads themselves?

Obviously, it is a rhetorical question, because history does not recognize oblique mood. But history never forgets or forgives anything.

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  1. Frankie 1 year ago

    There isn’t a supreme international court that enforces treaties/international law – maybe there should be. Agreements that are made can be broken. Russia’s treachery will make it much harder for any other country to consider denuclearisation.
    The USA and UK must do their part to ensure that Russia gains no territory of Ukraine. Morally – because of the treaties they signed. Economically – because Russia’s invasion has damaged global food supplies and weakened the world economy. To prevent nuclear holocaust – because it needs to be clearly demonstrated that states can retain territorial integrity without nuclear weapons. Strategically – Europe will be safer and more prosperous with a chastened bear adjacent to it.

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