Ukraine’s National Police Deputy Head is linked to Russian mafia

Ukraine's National Police Deputy Head is linked to Russian mafia

On October 27, Ukrainian journalists from BIHUS.INFO disclosed shocking facts: Dmytro Tyshlek, the recently appointed deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine, is sustained by mafioso Vitaliy Nechyporenko, nicknamed "Panda", lives in the criminal leader’s house and drives his car. This mafioso is closely connected with the Russian mafia - with a well-known Russian gangster nicknamed "Half-Beast".

Editor in Chief of CENSOR.NET Yuriy Butusov investigates that after this story became public, the head of the Office of the President, Andriy Yermak and his Deputy Tatarov defend the deputy head of the National Police Tyshlek, who is linked to the Russian mafia, from being fired. While the president Volodymyr Zelensky is afraid to be responsible for the shameful appointment and delayed dismissal.

Here below what Yuriy Butusov says about that.

"I won’t mention other details of the investigation. I’m stunned that during the war, one of the highest positions in the law enforcement agencies, approved in the president's office, personally by the head of the office Yermak and the deputy head of the president's office Tatarov is given to a person, whose links to the mafia, including the Russian mafia, are obvious, according to the journalistic investigation of

Minister Klimenko said that an official investigation had been ordered. But there are no refutations of Tyshlek's ties to "Panda" yet. So what has this investigation been doing for two weeks?

Apparently, the government wants to hush up the scandal so that this outrages story is forgotten.

What should President Zelensky do right away?

1. Announce who coordinated the appointment of a mafia man to the leadership of law enforcement agencies, the entire list of those who proposed him. Did Yermak and Tatarov communicate with Tyshlek before the appointment?

2. Dismiss Tyshlek from the National Police immediately. Because during the investigation, he continues receiving a salary from Ukrainian taxpayers.

3. Publicly answer whether the National Police has criminal cases involving "Panda" and "Half-Beast", and if not, who is responsible for it? And if there are, then why doesn't Tyshlek, who lives in the mafioso's house, go through those cases?

4. Announce an official investigation and suspend the Minister of Internal Affairs Klymenko from his duties - he directly signed the appointment and must answer why he failed the check, what report did the internal security unit give him?

5. Announce whether the SBU conducted a special inspection when Tyshlek was appointed - if they didn’t, the minister should be fired, if they did but did not reveal facts that were easily seen by journalists, the head of the SBU unit responsible for the special inspection should be fired.

6. Does the government have operational data that "Panda" and "Half-Beast" are members of the criminal group "Khimprom" and  that Tyshlek was promoted to a high position with the help of "Khimprom"?

7. Why does a mafioso give a house and a car to the deputy chief of police, i.e. the current government demonstratively merges with criminals, but they put Colonel Chervinsky in jail on a fictitious case, while bandits live peacefully and solve all issues with the president's office?

President Zelenskyi must be responsible for the shameful things his "watchers" are doing, because he cannot always stand in the ostrich posture and pretend he doesn’t know that mafia people are appointed to the highest positions in the law enforcement system. He’ll be asked about it every day because it’s a spit in the face of those honest citizens who give their lives for the law and rights in Ukraine every day. Fire Tyshlek immediately, start acting!"

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