Russian moles among top Ukrainian officials. Scandalous revelations and Zelenskyi’s silence

Will the President of Ukraine Zelenskyi comment on the sensational case of the Russian moles investigated by the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigation or is he afraid to come into conflict with the FSB network in his entourage?

Yuriy Butusov investigates.

"I waited for two weeks. Now the President's silence sounds like a confession to the crime, and we must call a spade a spade.

For two weeks, President Zelenskyi couldn't find a minute to comment on the sensational exposure of a whole group of the FSB agents, whom he had appointed to the highest positions in the Security Service of Ukraine before the Russian invasion.

On April 5, the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigation published the shocking evidence in the case of Volodymyr Sivkovich. The FSB of the Russian Federation somehow forced President Zelenskyi to fire the patriotic general of the SBU Baranetskyi, and to appoint the Russian agents, Naumov and Kulinich, to the highest positions - Head of the Main Department of Internal Security in the SBU, Head of the Main Department of the State Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Crimea.

Before the invasion, Russia took full control of the SBU (with the exception of one counterintelligence department), and gained access to all state secrets thanks to President Zelenskyi's decrees.

According to the criminal case published by the SBU and the SIB, Zelenskyi and Bakanov worked for Russia, carried out the tasks of the FSB, and tens of thousands of Ukrainians died as a result of the President's criminal decrees. Zelenskyi is fully responsible by law; he acted as a traitor, appointing the enemies in violation of the law on lustration. Therefore, one should not be surprised over the fact that not a single bridge was blown up, and the Servants of the People did not buy shells and did not recognize the invasion.

But someone forced the most important thing to be deleted from the SBU and SBI press release - by whose decrees the honest counterintelligence agents were dismissed from their positions and the open enemies of Ukraine were appointed instead? 

I hoped that the president would admit it himself, that he would say that he was misled, that he was lied to. He should have named these people who acted as a whole group so that they can be detained and give evidence in court. But Zelenskyi chose the path of silence - the path of lies and shame.

Well, keeping and protecting Yermak, Tatarov, Demchenko, Bakanov, Kulinich, Naumov, Hetmantsev near the president, saving the RF contacters and Sivkovich from criminal cases, all this is an eloquent answer. What conclusion can we draw from his silence? Zelenskyi is afraid that if all the scoundrels are ratted out, they will not be silent and will rat him out too. Therefore, the president's silence in the matter of handing over the SBU to the FSB of the Russian Federation shows that it was not a mistake, it was done deliberately. And it is necessary to use all opportunities so that President Zelenskyi is forced to answer, even though he would like to save himself and his accomplices from responsibility. And he will have to speak, because no one will forgive these rivers of blood."

Yuriy Butusov

Ukraine Front Lines


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