New proofs in case: Flight MH17

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And here is the new evidence: plane crash investigation of flight MH17 of Malaysian Airlines is coming to an end. The Boeing-777 was shot down on July 17th nearby the city of Torez, Donetsk oblast and took the lives of 298 people. The investigation was charged by The Dutch and The Australian prosecutor’s office.

All of us know the plane was crashed over the territory controlled by Russian-backed forces. Just after the accident happened, the OSCE mission’s representatives, as well as the experts were trying to get to the area where the plane has crashed. Pro-Russian forces as well as Russian soldiers have interfered OSCE mission’s representatives to get to the place, to identify the crashed plane and start investigation. Pro-Russian forces didn’t let anybody enter to the territory of a plane crash until the next day.
They’ve realized that it was the civilian plane and not the Ukrainian strike fighter as they thought. To cover their tracks they destroyed some pieces of plane metal sidings and some of its pieces were removed by trucks. Nonetheless, investigators have got enough evidence of this accident. To be objective, Dutch and Australian investigators verified all possible versions. Russian authorities first blamed Ukrainian Army of using missile system ”Buk” M1-2, but later on, forgot this, as nonsense.
Famous Russian airman and general designer of Su-25, Vladimir Babak, as well as the other experts concluded: Ukrainian type of Su-25 couldn’t destroy that jet!
International observers have confirmed, the nearest positions of Ukrainian missile systems was a hundreds kilometers away of the plane crash area. There was one Su-25 in the sky then. The Su-25 was performing a tusk in area where the jet plane was, but without any approaching. Ukrainian strike fighters don’t have appropriate arms, and could be armed with the modificated ”air-to-air” missiles type of P-60. This missile has a very small warhead and it doesn’t contain the type of shrapnel that destroyed Boeing-777. And these old missiles have past their warranty period and have not been used by the Ukrainian Air Force for eight years. The aircraft short-range missiles never been produced in Ukraine, P-60 –it’s a Russian arms.
When all wreckages were collected, the character of damages became an obvious – it was ”Buk” M1. The NATO special security agents have carried out a large-scale search of a modern ”surface-to-air” missile. And as a consequence of a successful operation, they have got it. When this found missile was spread in parts, it became clear, that the Boeing-777 was shot down by ”Buk” M1.
Identification of weapon used to destroy a plane – it’s very important thing. And thus we can claim – the missile was supplied by Russian Federation and therefore Russia is responsible for 298 deaths. And the launch of this missile could be carried out only by well-trained military specialists. The missile system ”Buk” M1 never been supplied in Ukraine, therefore Ukrainian soldier couldn’t launch that type of missile. Simultaneously, the investigators and journalists found the original photo images of missile launch ”Buk” nearby the city of Torez. Subsequently they were identifying the missile’s launch site, and thus confirm the authenticity of the missile launch images, as well as the images and video recordings of ”Buk” being transited through the city of Torez right after the plane was crashed. The identification of images was made with biding to the real geographic coordinates.
Therefore, the Netherlands’ prosecutor’s office along with Australian prepared a very convincing base of evidence, including a number of details, that is not for public yet. And I do believe soon all guilty must be appear before the court of The Hague Tribunal for crimes they have done, otherwise the western-like democracy would be nothing but the sound in the air. For instance, Ukrainian authority prepared an evidence of militant crimes against humanity. The way they are treat prisoners has not embedded in my brain. There’s a facts pro-Russian doctors in Donbass performing the medical experiments on prisoners. It does not remind you of something?

Dutcho for EMPR
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