How Ukrainian officials destroyed Ukraine’s defense sector right before the full-scale invasion

Is the destruction of the Ukrainian state design bureau LUCH, which develops missile complexes, already treason or not?

Malyshev factory, Kharkiv.


The Malyshev plant had foreign economic contracts in addition to the defense state order. In those days, from 2014 to 2019, the plant very often worked in three shifts, employed new workers, both for labor specialties and for the DB. Young people were happy to go to the DB because of the attractive salary. At the end of 2019, the net profit of the Malyshev plant (after taxes) amounted to more than UAH 800 million.

But already in the fall of 2019, wage delays began; the director of the Plant was replaced by a ‘new face’... And already in the spring of 2021, the debts of the Plant amounted to 1 billion 800 million UAH.

Over the whole 2021, the Plant made one Oplot tank, almost without ‘stuffing"’- a box with a cannon on tracks, just to ride in the parade in honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence in Kyiv, only for Zelenskyi's officials, who in fact had killed the factory, to show off in front of video cameras against the background of this tank.

Since January 2022, Ukraine’s largest tank designer shifts a quarter of its staff to a one-day working week.

Iskra research and production complex, Zaporizhzhia.


The Iskra factory, which produced radars, in the last four years before the 2019 elections, the domestic company created twice as many samples of new equipment than in all the previous years of Independence.

Since January 11, 2022, right one month before the full-scale invasion, Iskra, the main manufacturer of new radars in Ukraine, suspends its work.

The reason is the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s rejection of all orders (!)

Before 2019, the company first started hiring new employees, working in two shifts and on weekends, giving a monthly export bonus (in fact, the second salary).

During the Presidency of Volodymyr Zelenskyi, the factory managements practice two months of wage delays and everyone went on unpaid vacation.

The flagship enterprise of the future holding Radar systems KP Research and production complex Iskra (part of Ukroboronprom) suspends its work.

The plant is done today.

Iskra was a leading Ukrainian enterprise in the development, creation, maintenance and modernization of modern radar stations of various types, radio-electronic warfare and radio-technical reconnaissance equipment.

It was Iskra that modernized the main observation stations of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and mass-produced new counter-battery radars.

In addition, Zaporizhzhia specialists worked on projects to create a multifunctional radar 1L300, a tactical-level counter-battery radar, a passive radio technical reconnaissance station Resident, SSMASR Trasa-M, adaptation of 90K6E radar to the needs of the AFU, etc.

It should be added that Iskra was supposed to become a co-executor in the radar part in the development of new Ukrainian medium- and long-range anti-aircraft missile systems from the LUCH and Yuzhnoye Design Bureaus.

State joint-stock holding company "Artem", Kyiv.

ARTEM is a manufacturer of air-to-air guided missiles, automated complexes for training and maintenance of airborne guided weapons, anti-tank guided missiles, and as well as devices and equipment for aviation aircraft.

At the beginning of 2021, ARTEM switched to a one-day working week.

This enterprise is one of the key producers of missile weapons.

There were no orders for Neptune, Vilkha, RS-80 and shells.

On November 27, 2020, Director Volodymyr Zimin said: "As of today, we have no large active contracts under the State Defense Order, which could load our production capacities, although we have mastered and are ready to supply such necessary products as the 152-mm projectile, the OF29 projectile, and the RS-80 projectile to the Defence Ministry."

In the first quarter of 2021, Artem had to shift about 70% of its employees to a one-day working week.

This is 1,200 people. Only a ‘core’ of 500-600 specialists will work a full week. They will fulfill existing contracts, including export contracts, which still keep the company afloat.

According to R. Khomchak's statement, there are only 98 Vilkha missiles in the AFU warehouses. This is 8 full volleys.

Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau

In March 2021, the major designer of Ukrainian tanks "Kharkiv Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering named after O.O. Morozov" (KMDB) shifted about a quarter of its staff to part-time working hours. According to the press service of the state concern "Ukroboronprom", it concerns employees who are currently not involved in implementing the projects on which KDMB is working.

"Given that a quarter of the KMDB employees are currently not involved in either production activities or research and development work, as well as taking into account the lack of free circulating funds for the maintenance of inactive staff, KDMB director Yakiv Mormylo made a management decision to establish a part-time working week for this category of staff," the message said. 

Pavlograd Chemical Plant

Pavlograd Chemical Plant is a state-owned enterprise of the chemical industry of Ukraine, which produces explosives, as well as industrial and household products for civilian purposes[1]. It was founded in 1929 as an enterprise for the production of explosive materials and ammunition equipment for various purposes (artillery, aviation, marine, engineering, etc.).

The Pavlograd Chemical Plant is engaged in production, processing and disposal of rocket propellants. The shutdown of the plant will mean the shutdown of the entire missile industry, in particular the production of Vilkha missiles. This was informed by the director of the plant, Leonid Shyman. "PCP is now in a critical condition - since the beginning of 2020, we have not received funding and state defense orders, money for the implementation of the company's programs has not yet been provided… Funding for the plant has been stopped; we were forced to lay off 687 people since the beginning of the year. If the money does not arrive in the near future, we will lay off 190 more. The question is, why and how much will the production restoration cost the state?" - he said

The Pavlograd Chemical Plant has the technology to produce solid rocket propellants. It is necessary for all Ukrainian serial and promising missiles. Stopping the plant will mean stopping the entire rocket industry. "Ukraine has so far established serial production of only one type of long-range missiles – Vilkha. The first batch was released under the state order made in 2019, but work must be continued. 

In case of a new large-scale offensive by the Russian Federation, we will have a means of deterrence with the help of Vilkha missiles. Prutin will think for a long time whether he should again attack Ukraine and shell our cities, as the Russians did in 2014-15, knowing that strikes by Vilkha missiles can be inflicted on their critical infrastructure facilities, for example "Kamiyanske.” But what will be used to hit the enemy's rear if there are no Vilkha missiles?" Shyman asks.

In addition to production, the plant has the technology to process and dispose of rocket propellants, is able to extend the resource of rockets, and produces various types of explosives.

In Russia, a similar "Kamenskyi" plant is located near the border of Ukraine, in Kamiansk-Shakhtynskyi (Rostov Region). This plant is now operating at full capacity. 

Instead of P.S.

On November 18, 2020 the Ukroboronprom announced the curtailment of the defense industry reform and informed about interference from the Ministry of Strategic Industries.

Well, who knew?

This publication is based on the materials of Marusia Zvirobiy, Denis Komarov, and Defense Express.

The mentioned authors assumed that in 2020, they [ukrainian officials] surrendered Ukraine to putin in Paris. They fulfilled all his wishes, leaving Ukraine unarmed, withdrew the troops from strategic sectors, demined all approaches for the passage of the russian army... The roads were built in strategic directions along which, bravo, in 2022, the enemy marched and captured more than 20% of the territory of Ukraine... To date, they have robbed the ARMY of billion dollars, putting it in conditions of inhuman exhaustion. They failed to provide it with what they were OBLIGED to provide the ARMY of the STATE, which still exists, despite their efforts.

So, is the destruction of the Ukrainian state design bureau LUCH, which develops missile complexes, already treason or not?



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