Where can russian forces try to attack in 2023?

Where can russian forces try to attack in 2023?

Ex-commander of the Azov regiment Maksym Zhorin believes that in 2023, the russians can launch a new offensive in Ukraine and are considering three possible scenarios.

"Most likely, they will try to expand the front line, choosing one of the directions to attack - either the Kharkiv region, or the Kyiv region, or even the western regions,"  the Azov ex-commander believes.

He assured that the Ukrainian army is preparing for any of these scenarios.

"We should understand that difficult times are ahead. It will be a huge problem. And all these mobilizations will bring many more troubles to our land," the Azov resident warned.

Zhorin explained that although mobilized russians are really not "super-professional units", there will be a lot of them. Their number will exceed 300,000 (the figure that appeared in the mass media).

"While we were laughing at the videos with them lying drunk, fighting with each other, etc., the mobilized soldiers were trained and formed into new units, as well as provided with weapons.

I am sure that they have mobilized much more than 300 thousand. They will be armed and provided with military vehicles. And these units will try to launch a second wave of offensive," he concluded.

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