The logic “let’s not tease Russia,”don’t hit Russia, “don’t tease Putin” is absolutely flawed and false

The logic "let's not tease Russia,"don't hit Russia, "don't tease Putin" is absolutely flawed and false

Why are the Russians hitting high-risk targets? Will they dare to attack hydroelectric dams again and nuclear power plants? How should Ukrainians react? Why were Bucha and Mariupol destroyed? Political technologist Oleg Sahakyan explains in an interview with Borislav Bereza.

- Moreover, these are attacks on civilian infrastructure. It's one thing when they hit military targets or hit military-use enterprises. They are scum, but this is a legal target. We are at war. But when they hit civilian infrastructure, it goes beyond that. Especially if it's critical infrastructure, especially if it's objects of high environmental and other danger. For example, dams, hydroelectric power plants, or hydroelectric facilities, or nuclear facilities and others.

Unfortunately, the Russian Federation does not bend in any way and takes advantage of the fact that they play the bad guys and can therefore afford anything. And it is clear that there will be such attacks.

What is important to emphasize here, in my opinion. First of all, of course, we condole with all those who suffered, and this is where we should start anyway, because this is our common pain. And any of us could be in the place of these people, because no one in Ukraine is immune to such attacks.

No matter where they are in any corner of Ukraine, neither military nor civilian, neither in the east nor in the west, neither rich nor poor, no one.

Russia does not care, it destroys everyone on the grounds that they are Ukrainians living in Ukraine. The second point is that immediately after such serious Russian strikes, a marginal but nevertheless informational war on the Internet is taking place. In some places, it's objective, because people are driven by pain and overwhelmed by emotions. Somewhere, it's because of useful idiots and the irresponsible behavior of many, and somewhere it's being accelerated by Russian bots.

But nevertheless, the wave of "let's not tease Russia," because we hit the refinery, and now they have responded, "don't hit Russia, don't do anything else, don't tease Putin.

This is absolutely flawed and false logic that puts the cart before the horse.

Because Russia has attacked Ukraine and Ukraine is responding to Russia, and Russia has a goal of destroying and subjugating Ukraine. And they are not hitting us because we did something, and if we don't do something, they will stop hitting us.

We did nothing and they attacked us in 2014, we did nothing and they went for a full-scale invasion in 2022.

In Bucha, no one attacked Russians, Bucha did not declare war on Russia so that the civilian population there was simply massacred. Either the people of Bilogorodka, or in other occupied territories, or Mariupol was not some city where biological nuclear or other personal weapons were produced to destroy Putin and the Russians.

But the city was destroyed, just like Bakhmut and Avdiivka. They do it because they can do it. Because they still have the shells, because they still have the ability to produce these missiles with which to hit, because they still feel impunity for what they are doing.

And so if there is a wave or thesis that there is no need to tease Russia, you should know that this is a substitution of concepts and a false logic in which you try not to tease someone who has already decided to destroy you, which only makes their life easier. Ukraine is not just hitting to hit, Ukraine is hitting to understand where Russia's pain points are in order to weaken Russia and make it more difficult for Russia to launch such massive strikes.

To make sure that the day comes as soon as possible when they will not be able to carry out these strikes, when either the regime collapses or their production chains collapse or they run out of money, or they will be forced to accept the harsh reality that will be imposed on them by the Ukrainian defense forces or the world, which may at some point come to the conclusion that we need to crush this bastard with collective efforts.

This is the second point that I think is important to emphasize. And the third is the war and the tragedies that will follow. We have to understand this for ourselves, and a significant part of society has already accepted it.

This does not mean that we have to accept it, no, because it is clear that such tragedies cannot be accepted, because they will always hit us in our humanity. We have to follow our goals clearly, and not lose our focus from the main thing. Because this is exactly what the Russians want: for us to lose our focus on our own goals and react either in emotion or through fear or anger.  

To change our behavior to please Russia. This is what this is aimed at. Such strikes have not only a military purpose, but usually they are aimed at influencing the socio-political situation, the psychological state of the enemy, and demoralizing him. It is significant that in order to strike such a blow, they had to use as many as a hundred missiles, 60 drones, and do it all in combination, in several waves.

We can recall how this happened a little over a year ago when they hit the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. They just sat and decided which thermal power plant we will destroy this time, and let's go with this one. Because Ukraine had nothing to really effectively defend itself.

And now they have to plan such operations for a long time, accumulate resources for them for a long time.

Before that, they have to conduct a series of reconnaissance operations by sending their drones to find out where we have these holes. This comes at a much higher price. and that is why out of 150 objects, 90 were shot down by the Ukrainian air defense forces, which is an honor and a praise.

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