What is happening now in Soledar, the hottest place on the Ukrainian front?

Soledar. Situation as of 21:00, January 9, 2022.

Soledar is in a dangerous situation. The enemy has reached a position from which he can fire on the main supply route to Soledar. The russians can't reach the route itself. Although this is not a complete encirclement, normal supply along the route is impossible, which is critical for defense. But there are opportunities to fix the situation.

We have considerable forces concentrated in this area; there are troops and vehicles. The difficult situation is clear to everyone. We must take actions to fix this situation. We need planned actions rather than chaotic ones in order to use our advantages step by step. The tactical situation is clear to our command. O. Syrskyi, the commander of the OUV, visited Soledar yesterday.

What is happening in Soledar? The temperature (-18°C) complicates the operations of the troops, and creates problems both for us and the enemy. At this temperature, the combat capability is highly dependent on adequate supplies.

The 46th Airmobile Brigade is fighting tough defensive battles for every house. Some other units - border guards, SOF, tankers also help the brigade. Close combats and firefights continue. Today, the russians advanced in some directions, but at the cost of very heavy losses.

The 46th Airmobile Brigade is doing its best, maintaining combat capability in extremely difficult conditions. The paratroopers act perfectly, the fighters trust their commanders, and everyone does everything possible to destroy the enemy. They destroy the russian assault groups one by one in close combat situations, but the enemy continues to attack and bring its reserves into battle.

But the main threat is that ruscists will try to encircle the flanks of the city. They will do everything possible to make their way to the road in the rear of Soledar. The fresh reserves of the airborne troops have been sent to bypass Soledar, because the russian command gives great political importance to the capture of Soledar.

I remember how the 93rd mechanized brigade with the support of TRO battalions held the front from Soledar to Bakhmut for three months in a row in the summer. How important it would be if the brigade commander and all battalion commanders of the 93rd brigade were recognized for their skillful actions at the highest level. It is worthwhile to organize management, intelligence, and the use of troops as effectively as the 93rd brigade did. They fought for every forest belt and inflicted losses on the russians many times greater than they suffered themselves. If to manage in this way, then there is every possibility to fix the situation.

Units of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade and the 46th Airmobile Brigade are also operating effectively. Our army has the commanders and experience to effectively destroy the russians and win in the most difficult conditions.

We all worry about the heroes of Soledar, and we believe in our army, which, with proper organization, can defeat the russian invaders near Soledar.

Yuriy Butusov

Ukraine Front Lines


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