Ukraine’s VIP district Koncha Zaspa is doomed as of coronavirus

For the first time in many years as, Koncha Zaspa (VIP district nearby Kyiv city) is doomed to experience Ukrainian state healthcare firsthand as of coronavirus and close borders.

Current MPs are calling.

Former Ministers are calling.

Politicians of all stripes are calling.

Everyone stocks up protection, everyone asks for information about COVID-19 tests, everyone searches for contacts in hospitals in advance.

Every day there are reports of VIPs infected with coronavirus among deputies, former officials and all sorts of influential people from the environment of oligarchs.

Someone says ten of them.

Someone says twenty.

In any case, there are already a lot of them and there will be more.

And the Alexander Hospital is the best they have. Believe me, for them, after the clinics of Israel, Germany and Austria – this is a total clusterfuck.

Why do you think they do not hurry to hospitals but ask to stay home in isolation?!

They know about a nightmare in infectious hospitals.

They were building Ukraine for us – and they will have to live in it a little by themselves.

The time has come when all those who built and at the same time robbed this beautiful country for the past 25 years, have suddenly realized that everything is going awry.

You cannot fly to a doctor’s consultation in Vienna.

No charter flight will be allowed for resuscitation in Munich.

And there are no coronavirus infection departments for VIPs in private Ukrainian hospitals.

Well, what a misfortune.

Now they will have to be treated, defend themselves from hunger riots, and maybe die among this shit.

But they don’t want to die.

The dream of millions of Ukrainians has come true.

They will be treated for the virus in dilapidated wards, smelly toilets, without treatment protocols, without enough equipment, without restaurant meals and bedding.

And most importantly.

They will be saved by people whose monthly salary is equal to one of their restaurant lunches.

They are now scared shitless and they urgently decided to give doctors a double pay and even start paying by the hour.

Where have you been before?

They are massively installing mechanical ventilation, ultrasound and X-ray units in hospitals.

They are chipping in for repairs of isolation wards.

They are looking for friends among Ukrainian doctors.

They just looked at Shakhov, at other VIP friends who are already down with pneumonia in their homes and suddenly realized that there was trouble behind the door, and there was nowhere to run away – only into an ordinary state infectious hospital.

Their most terrible dream has suddenly come true – they are not welcome anywhere else and will not be accepted anywhere.

With money, limousines, security guards and private jets, many of them will experience firsthand what free state medical care is.


Source: Aleksey Davydenko

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