Ukraine Peace Summit: Europe Is Gradually Waking Up

Ukraine Peace Summit: Europe Is Gradually Waking Up

Preparations are underway for the Swiss Peace Summit, which will take place in mid-June. The collective Western countries are improving their negotiating positions, as everyone is aware that although the pseudo-empire is not invited, negotiations with it will inevitably follow the Summit. And since these negotiating positions cannot yet be strengthened on the battlefield, Ukraine's partners are resorting to military-diplomatic maneuvers.

This refers to the permission to use Western weapons on the territory of the pseudo-empire. Europe is indeed showing determination, and even Germany, which exhibits a classic "Stockholm syndrome" towards Russia, has managed to squeeze out something that can be interpreted as consent.

The United States remains. The political struggle for the White House is increasingly taking on characteristics typical of countries where democracy is still establishing itself. Joe Biden's administration fears that such permission could be used by Donald Trump's team, who harshly criticizes any actions by his opponents, regardless of their content. So, it's better to do nothing at all.

But there will be approval from the United States - whether public or not. A separate position from the U.S. simply loses its meaning.

Already now, American Patriot missiles are shooting down enemy aircraft over Russian territory. American HARM anti-radar missiles are doing the same to the enemy's air defenses. These missiles are guided not by coordinates but directly to the target, so it doesn't matter to them whether they cross the border or not.

Even more importantly, the transfer of long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft by Sweden (of course, this will not happen tomorrow) will provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the ability to independently determine the coordinates of targets within the entire range of the missiles supplied to us. This also allows for the coordination of the actions of all our aircraft.

The Swedes are simply brilliant. They have no "Stockholm syndrome"; they perceive Russia as a natural enemy. Swedish weapons are showing very good quality on the front lines. And Sweden does not engage in "ritual dances—one step forward and two steps back," but provides truly modern weaponry when needed. I am convinced that the Gripens will not be long in coming either.

Thus, the hint to the pseudo-empire is clear: if you continue the aggression, the technological superiority of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield may become more significant. In response, the Kremlin, through its political puppets, has promised a "demonstration nuclear explosion on live television." However, threats of radioactive ash no longer frighten anyone, and the Kremlin is incapable of coming up with anything new—the last creative mind was Prigozhin. Moreover, the Kremlin does not dare to conduct nuclear tests because the outcome is not guaranteed.

Yes, our partners, especially in Europe, are slowly coming to their senses, but we are still far from full-fledged alliances. Bridging this gap requires effort from both sides; Ukraine must not stand idly by and wait for others to do everything for us.

One more thing. The permission to freely use Western weapons is good, but it is still largely a form of diplomatic pressure on the aggressor. This permission to strike the territory of the pseudo-empire means nothing if there are no means to strike. Therefore, our partners will, in any case, maintain control over this sensitive process until we start producing a significant portion of what is needed for our security ourselves.

Oleksandr Kochetkov

Ukraine Front Lines


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