Ukraine has withstood the most powerful russian missile attack

The night russian massive missile attack on Ukraine. What is known

These days we have withstood the most powerful russian missile attack toward Ukraine.

The enemy congratulated us on Kobzar’s birthday [Taras Shevchenko] with perhaps the strongest missile attack during the whole war. The strongest not in quantity - more than eighty missiles have already happened, but in terms of nomenclature. This time, the most diverse types of missiles were fired at us, including air-ballistic Kinzhals [Daggers]. Six Kinzhals at a time is a record. A terrorist record.

Given the range of missiles, among which there were a lot of fast-flying Kinzhals, Kh22 and S300, thirty-four shot down is not bad. And only half of the eight Shaheds were shot down because our air defense and missile defense were focused mainly on missiles.

The fact that such an attack took place is not unexpected. Why it happened now is also clear.

Lately, the Kremlin has struggled to arrange a meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping. And to create some favorable backdrop for this extremely important meeting to drag China into a military adventure, the Kremlin has even suspended its barbaric missile attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure. An agreement on the visit of Comrade Xi to Moscow seems to have been reached, and Russia is returning to its favorite pastime - cannibalism, smearing itself up to its ears in Ukrainian blood.

Moreover, protests have started in Georgia. Yes, yes, this is directly related to the missile strike on Ukraine!

Let me remind you that, due to high-power foolishness in the under-empire, it is believed that they are not at war with Ukraine. They are at war with the USA on the territory of Ukraine. And then suddenly, on the territory of Georgia, which the Kremlin considers completely controlled, something like a Maidan begins, with anti-russian slogans and even the performance of the anthem of Ukraine.

The obvious idea that the Georgians simply do not want to follow the authoritarian russian path and lose the remnants of freedom is not coming to the kremlin's foolish heads. They are convinced that this is another attack by the CIA and the State Department. And they answer the USA with a missile attack on Ukraine. There are freaks, they will die as freaks.

At the same time, the targets of the missile strikes have not changed — our critical infrastructure. That is, the under-empire acts like a complete idiot trying to use terror to force Ukraine into surrender negotiations on Russia's terms. And this means that the aggressor is afraid of our spring-summer offensive to the point of losing self-control.

Despite the fact that it was the strongest missile attack, the casualties and destruction were not catastrophic. Yes, they exist, but the energy system of Ukraine continues to function, albeit with difficulties.

What to expect in the future? The aggressor still has a lot of missiles, as well as the opportunity to slowly produce them. There are few drones left, but the aggressor is looking for the possibility of new deliveries. Therefore, at intervals of three to four weeks, missile attacks will be repeated. Until the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeat the aggressor and liberate the occupied territories. After that, fair peace talks on Ukrainian terms will take place.

Oleksandr Kochetkov

Ukraine Front Lines


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