The World after Bucha massacre

Today is a forty days memorial of everything that was naively considered a system of global security. And today is the first day after Bucha. 

The world will never be the same. 

It will become either better or incomparably worse.  It will get worse if the crime is not punished. 

It will get worse if a country full of maniacs and murderers, from the dictator to last soldier, remains the same ordinary state as the others, which the world will agree with on something, give something to it, because “it has its own interests”, will sign agreements, trade. 

It will get worse if the sanctions are be gradually removed, first one part of the sanctions, part by part, little by little till the removal of all of them, because they say time heals all wounds. 

In this new world it will become clear that you can do what was done in Bucha.

This country can do it. It hasn’t happened for the first time, it got a taste for it and already considers it the “new normal”. It is possible for everyone else who simply has enough physical strength and desire for it. 

In such a world, we Ukrainians are simply doomed to extinction – a little sooner or a little later. 

And in general, I do not really want to live in such a new world, it is too crooked and disgusting. 

The world will be completely different if Bucha becomes a turning point. 

The point of no return, after which the maniac country will be treated as the society usually treats a mad maniac killer. 

No one negotiates with maniacs, they are first neutralized, then isolated and forcibly treated. 

Yes, and this is the only way for Russia. 

Any negotiations and conversations with this country should be stopped. 

Once and for all, until complete defeat. 

Then negotiations on its capitulation will take place, and most likely they will not be led by Puylo. 

We should rather start talking about Russia, the conversation with the world in general, and first of all with our allies. 

A talk about what the common position on Russia should be, under what conditions it can go in peace and at least start discussing a gradual easing of sanctions, and finally what civilized countries can do with it. 

In my opinion, the smallest, most moderate list should include the following conditions:  

– removal of all present day leaders of the Russian Federation, from Puylo to the last minister, governor and deputy, including leaders of the army and other law enforcement agencies, and the formation of transitional power concluding people who were not direct accomplices of Russian war crimes; 

– unconditional deoccupation of all territories temporarily held by the Russian Federation (including those occupied in different years since the collapse of the USSR), and withdrawal of Russian military contingents from all countries outside the Russian Federation (including those formally invited by local regimes); 

– nuclear disarmament of the Russian Federation (or new states formed in its place), full disposal of its nuclear weapons under the joint control of other nuclear states, and accession of the Russian Federation or successor states to the treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear state; 

– permanent unconditional admission of the international inspection to verify compliance with the nuclear-free status, and at the same time to verify the absence of chemical and biological weapons in Russia or its successor states; 

– constitutional limitation of the maximum number of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other law enforcement agencies, and limitation of the maximum number of offensive weapons, first of all aircraft, missiles, artillery and tanks, as well as constant unimpeded international inspectors’admission to monitor compliance with these restrictions; 

– undeniable extradition by the new authorities of the Russian Federation or successor states of all war criminals, from high-ranking officials to ordinary executors of criminal orders, at the request of Ukraine, Georgia, Syria and other countries affected by Russian aggression, to prosecute them in these countries; 

– lifelong lustration of all those officials of the Russian Federation during the reign of Puylo, who will not be shown as direct participats of war crimes, with a ban on any participation in political life and holding any administrative positions;  

– reform of the education system of Russia or successor states under the leadership of international experts, in order to prevent further education of new generations of Russians in the spirit of imperialism and chauvinism, and instead of mandatory inclusion in the curriculum the studying of the historical guilt of the Russian Empire before the enslaved peoples, consideration of studying the collective guilt of the Russian people etc.; 

– voluntary refusal of the Russian Federation or successor states to all rights to property, funds and other assets of both the Russian state and Russian companies and individuals, which was outside the internationally recognized borders of the Russian Federation at 24.02.2022 in favor of Ukraine and other countries who became victims of Russian military aggression; 

– if the competent international commission finds that the amount of the above assets is insufficient to fully compensate for the damage (including moral damages to victims of aggression and families of victims, and with lost profits caused by aggression), the obligations of the new government or successors to repay the full amount of the determined compensation within 10 years; 

– withdrawal of Russia or successor states from the CSTO and constitutional consolidation of lifelong neutral status of Russia, and constitutional ban on the use of troops of Russia or successor states outside the modern internationally recognized territory of Russia (except for UN peacekeeping missions); 

– exclusion of the Russian Federation from the number of permanent members of the UN Security Council. 

This is the minimum list of conditions under which the world after Bucha will be better than the one destroyed by Russia. 

And then the sufferings and sacrifices of our murdered fellow citizens will not be in vain. 

Is Russia not yet ready to discuss such conditions? Well, there is nothing to talk to it then. 

We need to talk about Russia, and in advance to form a common position with allies, based on the mentioned above. 

And Russia should be prepared to accept these conditions. 

This country should be prepared in the only way it understands – by total defeat in war. 

Yes, it is not easy at all. It is much harder than trying again and again to satisfy Puylo’s desire, and negotiate with him through insignificant intermediaries like Abramovich and Erdogan. 

Fighting for victory is extremely difficult, but it makes sense, unlike negotiating with a mad maniac killer. 

War until the defeat of the Russian Federation, war for a new, better world, in which we will finally have a guaranteed security for our children and grandchildren, so that sacrifices made were justified. 

Agreements with a maniac, which must help him save what he has instead of his face, and retain power, are not justified by anything. 

To all those who still want to look into the eyes of the Russians and their Fuhrer, I would advise to walk the streets of Bucha first and look into the eyes of tortured men, women and children. 

Only after visiting Bucha you can go to Istanbul, otherwise a distorted perception of the world is possible. 

A world that has changed forever after Bucha.

Glory to Ukraine!


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