The US aid for Ukraine is close to zero. Is China another option?

The US aid for Ukraine is close to zero. Is China another option?

The US aid for Ukraine is close to zero. Is China another option? The latest news from the US says that the aid package, which was previously voted in the Senate, is now being put to a vote, but House representatives will vote separately for each country listed in the bill, e.g. first for Israel, then Ukraine, then Taiwan.

And it is not yet known whether they will vote, what the amount will be if they vote to allocate funds to Ukraine... or whether it will have to be done through the Senate again... it is also not known what regulations will govern such a vote.

The White House, in turn, demands to consider the aid as a whole and not separately.

One thing is clear: the chances of funds for Ukraine are close to zero, but Israel will definitely get them.

There is an opinion that Ukraine has the following option: along with Germany and France, which understand the danger to Europe and work closely with China, to join the cooperation with China (and most likely Ukraine has already started such cooperation). Then, by the July 2024 Olympics, the war will not stop, and it may even end.

Suspending hostilities for the duration of the 2024 Olympics is disadvantageous for Ukraine because Russia can redeploy so much during this time (a month) that Ukraine will have to deal a very powerful blow that the Armed Forces may not be able to resist...

So we should only contact China, which can put an end to this war...

It is very beneficial for China to form an umbrella over Western Europe and help Ukraine, thus annoying the United States and becoming a leader in world politics, and then Trump's arrival will not threaten China...

China will have intensive trade with Europe and Ukraine, and the United States will be a loser, and eventually a civil war will break out between the states within the United States, and this will be "facilitated" by the non-recognition of the presidential election results

It is said that after Zelenskyy "brushed aside" US Vice President Kamala Harris's proposal at a security forum to "stop the attacks of non-Russian refineries," the United States has not supplied us with anything since then.

There is no hope for the United States at all...

This was once again confirmed by the United States, as it helped Israel on Saturday by shooting down Iranian missiles and shahids, so we need to look for another influential partner, just as Europe has realized this and is working with China to protect itself.

For example:

When the Ukrainian Armed Forces were rapidly advancing in the Kharkiv and Kherson sectors, Scholz flew to China to stop Putin from "taking his hand off the red button"...

Scholz's visit to China this week confirms the establishment of relations in order to keep up with France, which is fruitfully cooperating with China...

Do you know that the EU has the largest trade turnover with China, where its exports are 291 billion euros higher than the EU's exports to China...

And only China can force Russia to do what China wants, and the United States cannot do anything to Russia, which is why it is frightened of Russia's red button and against its loss and disintegration.

We always advise you to analyze all events outside the box.

So, the United States used to want to use Russia to fight its war with China, but China has outplayed them and is using Russia to its advantage...

Trump's arrival is clearly dangerous for China because Trump is Putin's henchman.

The statement by Trump's aide and Trump himself that Crimea is Russian territory and Ukraine should be under Russian influence is worth noting...

So, if the US lets Russia win this war, then the US can outplay China by persuading Russia to cooperate in confronting China. Therefore, China is inclined to wrest the EU from the United States and Ukraine, and for Russia it has the leverage to keep it at its side like an obedient dog, and then the United States will remain a "naked king" as in Andersson's fairy tale...

In addition, Ukrain and China have the largest turnover between the two countries, as well as China has interest in our black soil, agricultural products, shale gas, Southern Machine-Building Plant, and much more.

Meanwhile, China insists on Russia's participation in the peace conference on Ukraine.

During a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Beijing, Xi Jinping called on all parties to work together to restore peace as soon as possible and prevent the "conflict" from spiraling out of control.

China supports all efforts for a peaceful settlement, as well as the holding of an international peace conference recognized by both Russia and Ukraine, with equal participation of all parties, Xi Jinping told Scholz.



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