The U.S. will help Ukraine modernize its air defense system

The U.S. will help Ukraine modernize its air defense system

The U.S. will help Ukraine modernize its air defense system: the first steps have already been taken.

First, read the heartwarming text published by the General Staff:

"During the week, American experts were evaluating the country’s air defense needs. The experts studied the defense capabilities, weaknesses and strengths of the Ukrainian air defense system. They visited command posts, control and warning centers, as well as combat brigades – the fighter and guided missile defense brigade, and electronic reconnaissance brigade."

Although it is reported dryly, in fact it is music. Because.

Air defense is a generally recognized weak point in terms of a possible escalation with Russia. The intention to strengthen air defense (as well as missile defense) has been sounding at a rhetorical level for 7 years.

Since this is a rather complicated and expensive pleasure, one of the possible sources of strengthening the air defense system is international assistance, as well as the acquisition of the necessary systems on the world market. And that's when the harsh reality intervened.

For air defense is concrete. It is advisable to imagine what needs to be protected and from what. And how something new will fit into the existing system. 

This is what has been happening for about 6 years. Representatives of the Ukrainian side came to the point of potential receipt of air defense assistance, and then the following dialogue unfolded:

  • We need air defense assistance. 
  • Okay. What kind of air defense do you need?
  • Uh. Effective ...
  • ?
  • Like this: “pow, pow, pow!” "Zoom and whoosh"…
  • Please specify.
  • Whoosh-whoosh?
  • ….
  • What? Why don’t you give us it?

As a result, we decided to change our approach This year, it was agreed in principle that an assessment mission would come from the United States, which would analyze the situation, compare it with the nomenclature of available systems and recommend what is needed, what is possible and compatible, what is theoretically possible and compatible, but politically unacceptable, and what cannot be given.

The sending of such a mission to Ukraine was discussed during the recent visit of Ukrainian Minister of Defense  Oleksii Reznikov  to the United States. The American side expressed its readiness to send such a mission by the end of November. And the mission was sent.

This is one of minor applied results of the visit that can already be reported.

To be definitely continued.

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