The reconciliation of Iran and Saudi Arabia is a huge geopolitical victory of China

The reconciliation of Iran and Saudi Arabia is a huge geopolitical victory of China and Comrade Xi in particular.

Only when the “colonel” starts talking about it, he shifts the emphasis of his own opinion to the fact that this reconciliation is directed against Israel and changes the balance of forces in the Middle East, but he does not say WHY. And here’s why:

The matter is that in September 2020, the world media were shaken by the news that Saudi Arabia might have enough uranium to start its nuclear program despite the fact that it is a signatory of the NPT and the 2008 memorandum with the United States on mutual understanding on the issue of Saudi peaceful atom.

But then, in 2020, the world community was alarmed by the fact that Saudi Arabia turned to Pakistan in the matter of nuclear technologies, and everyone knows that at one time the Saudis were the main sponsors of the nuclear tests of Pakistan, which is now a nuclear state.

The main question is why Saudi Arabia suddenly needed its own nuclear program and, as a result, nuclear weapons? And the answer is obvious: against IRAN!

It was in 2020, and in 2023, SA and Iran reconciled and now, when they resume the work of embassies and make various political curtseys to each other - where is the guarantee that the Saudi nuclear program will not be unfrozen under the patronage of nuclear China, which is not against Iran's nuclear program, and Pakistan's technologies will be good here as well, because Pakistan is not only an ally of Saudi Arabia, but also a situational ally of China in creating a counterweight to nuclear India...

Thus, very soon the club of nuclear states may be replenished with two new members with far from peaceful intentions - Iran and Saudi Arabia. You can only condole with Israel: previously it had trouble with Iran and now it’s also SA.

And that’s not all... In view of Putin’s decision to place tactical nuclear weapons in the Republic of Belarus, I recollect the story of 2019, when Trump, violating one of the basic principles of American policy, declared that the US Air Force base in Incirlik, Turkey, stores 50 tactical nuclear charges...

There was a scandal, intrigues, accusations, but against that backdrop, Erdogan said he considered it unfair that Turkey did not have nuclear weapons while all developed countries had them.

Hence a question: are American nuclear warheads still there, and in what other countries are they, and will Turkey want to start its own nuclear program amid a confrontation with Iran, which, according to the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, can make a nuclear bomb within 12-30 days...? 

Ukraine is not against restoring its nuclear potential either, and it clearly will not be, and even may ask for placing tactical nuclear charges of the Allies on its territory in response to the appearance of such in Belarus, and this, in turn, will wake up another country that once had nuclear potential, and then refused - Kazakhstan, and considering its rapprochement with China... Why not?

So, as of March 26, 2023, the prospect of a powerful nuclear confrontation involving both third countries and new members of the nuclear club is very realistic, but how to lower the degree...? No answer yet.

Nazar Prykhodko

Ukraine Front Lines


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