Russia’s hand in the ISIS formation and its real influence on Crocus City Hall “special operation”

Russia's hand in ISIS formation

In the lights of the recent mass shooting in the Crocus City Hall in Moscow and current official version that it was organised and performed by ISIS, Oldksandr Kovalenko reminds that it was Russia that had a hand in the formation of ISIS, just as it played a key role in the formation of the Taliban.

It was the Russians who were the second largest ethnic group within ISIS. Dagestan was the main transportation hub for Russians who joined ISIS, mostly in Syria.

Future ISIS fighters leaving Dagestan for Syria took out medical insurance from the Dagestan Fund for Compulsory Medical Insurance (FOMI).

At the same time, insurance, benefits, free medicines, and other payments were paid through the FOMI, i.e. from the russian budget.

And this happened for many years in the region under the full and unlimited control of the FSB.

It is also worth remembering how ISIS terrorists and their families with Russian citizenship, who were taken "captive" as a result of the rapid offensive of the FSA and the Russian Armed Forces, were flown out of Syria by special airplanes.

In turn, the Syrian rebels' combat effectiveness was undermined not only by the confrontation with the FSA and the Russian Armed Forces, but also by constant battles with ISIS. 

 Russian security agencies sent thousands of fighters on business trips to the Middle East, who as part of ISIS solved for Moscow those tasks that it could not solve at that time, not by its PMCs, which were not sufficiently formalized, and even more so, by the forces of its army. 

That's why in the 2010s ISIS formed a kind of foreign legion of Russians, an entire combat wing that spread Moscow's influence rather than that of the Islamic State.

To remind, In the Bryansk region of Russia, two suspects were detained in the terrorist attack in the "Crocus City Hall" shopping center on March 22. They turned out to be citizens of Tajikistan. They are looking for four more alleged shooters. The car with suspected criminals was stopped in the area of Teply village in the Bryansk region, which is a few kilometers from the border with Belarus and Ukraine. According to preliminary data, there were six people in the car: two were detained, four more ran away.

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