Russian troops moving to Ukraine borders: accuracy of information

Chief editor of the Bolshaya Yalta News (2005-2014) and co-founder and chief editor of the web portal Blackseanews (since 2010) Andrii Klymenko shares his opinion on accuracy of information on Russian troops moving to Ukrainian borders.

“For me, the main unresolved problem in the accuracy of information about the moving of Russian troops to the borders of Ukraine and the occupied Crimea are the following:

Russian troops on Ukraine’s border, Photo by Handout/Satellite image ©2021 Maxar Technologies/AFP

1) Reputed (even highly reputed) American media outlets and news agencies (from which it all started on October 30, 2021) refer to … Russian social media … This continues literally to this day.

2) Among the main sources they refer to are, for example (you’ll never guess who …) … – Igor Girkin … He is referred to by an unknown “Moscow group Conflict Intelligence Team”, and Igor Girkin re-posts the materials of this group…

3) In Russia it is already forbidden by law (real criminal liability!) to publish information on redeployment of troops in mass media, on websites and social media. But for some reason these Russian sources don’t care…

4) Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that these Russian sources perform the you-know-whose task. If so – it is a case of information – psychological operation. For what purpose? – To get the West to force Ukraine to do something and / or to force Western leaders (primarily from the nuclear club) to sit at the table with Russia. Why? – to fix a new redistribution of the spheres of influence.

5) Of course, this is only ONE of the possible versions. Double disinformation is possible – that is, the logic is as follows: we will post Russian sources, Ukraine will think that it is a fake, but actually it is not…

6) We can only assume that U.S. intelligence has more reliable sources. But we aren’t sure)))

7) Intuition and experience suggest that most likely our friends in the West have “delayed ignition” – that is, they were late in responding to Ukrainian reports during the completion of the West-2021 exercise. That is, the information Ukraine had known for a long time. Or they decided to respond now for political purposes. But it is also good that deep concern can finally be turned into something more concrete.

Source: Andrii Klymenko


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