Russia revives its plans to destabilize the South-East of Ukraine

Last week, military-political observer Oleksandr Kovalenko wrote about a sequence of actions carried out in Kharkiv aimed at destabilizing the city on pseudo-nationalground, and now we have very similar signals from Zaporizhzhya.

The fact is that the so-called Zaporizhzhya army, which is actually the “Kremlin army, opened its office in Melitopol. At first glance, nothing special, but the matter is that it is going to be a basis for a formation aimed at the "protection" of public order.

The opening ceremony was attended by the archpriest and rector of the Church of St. George the Victorious (ROCinU) Father Maksim, as well as the supreme chieftain of the Zaporizhzhya lower army Aleksandr Panchenko.

The office is to become a venue for Cossacks’meetings, for coordinating their actions in the area of patriotic education of youth based on the Cossacks’ traditions. The Melitopol Cossacks are planning to revive the function of protecting public order, reports

“We are preparing a formation, which will protect public order as people's police. We have performed similar functions before: we went to Crimea, Pochayiv, Kyiv, and protected public order at many events in Melitopol. Today we are negotiating with the head of the Novenskyi village council, the Berdyansk border post. Cossacks, as well as the police, have the right to detain and file administrative protocols. We can protect public order together with the police in the city, and on our own in the villages. And disobedience to the Cossacks is equated to disobedience to the police,” says Igor Lysenko, ataman of the Melitopol kuren of the Zaporizhzhya lower army.

It is note worthy that the Zaporizhzhya army is led by Aleksandr Panchenko. This person is well known in Zaporizhzhya region. For active cooperation with the Moscow Church he received the highest award of the UOC-MP – the Order of Saint Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir. He was also awarded the medal "10 years of the Union of Cossacks of Russia."

In 2014, Aleksandr Panchenko received instructions on the destabilization of Zaporizhzhya directly from SergeyGlazyev, adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who was in charge of the “Zaporizhzhya issue.” According to the plans of Sergey Glazyev and State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin, it was Panchenko who, together with his “Cossacks,” had to carry out a coup in Zaporizhzhya, block the city and create a local government - the “regional council”, which would swear allegiance to Russia.

As you know, those plans were not implemented, but they were not rejected either.

In September 2014, the Right Sector “lustrated” Panchenko into a garbage can, when he,with a St. George ribbon on his chest,was going to the regional administration for letters of recognition for himself and his associates.

But in the summer of 2020, this pro-Russian formation, which in 2014 could become a real illegal armed formation, will patrol Zaporizhzhya and nearby villages.

What can we observe now, a creeping resuscitation of the project on destabilizing the South-East: Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya... Is Odesa next in line? Mykolayiv? Kherson?


Source: sprotyv


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