On putin’s arrest warrant: unique case and lessons for Ukraine

On putin's arrest warrant: unique case and lessons for Ukraine

1. putin became the first head of a nuclear-weapon state and permanent member of the UN Security Council to be issued an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court. 

2. putin became only the third head of state in the history of the International Criminal Court to be issued an arrest warrant - previously, the warrant was issued for the arrest of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Al-Bashir ruled for 30 years, was ousted from power in a coup, and is in prison. Gaddafi ruled for 42 years, was ousted from power as a result of an uprising, and was killed in custody by his fellow citizens.

3. As part of the international court's decision under the Rome Statute, putin must be arrested on the territory of 122 countries that have ratified the Rome Statute, which defines the powers of the International Criminal Court. russia is cut off from full diplomatic relations with half of the world's countries. 

4. Western countries have taken another important step to show that there will be no compromise with Russia until Ukraine, with the support of the world, achieves victory. This is incredibly important. 

5. What should Ukraine do?

а) Ukraine did not ratify the Rome Statute because of fears that russia would file lawsuits against Ukrainians. But in 2016, the ICC recognized russia's attack on Ukraine as an occupation, and russia withdrew as an observer at the ICC. And now the new decision simply outlaws putin, and we can use this leverage to block all russian activities in countries that have ratified the Rome Statute. Any connection to putin is now grounds for investigation and legal restrictions. I think it is now a matter of principle for Ukraine to ratify the Rome Statute. 

b) Foreign Minister Kuleba should stop the practice of appointing mistresses and lunatics as ambassadors of Ukraine and look for ambassadors among those who understand public international law and diplomacy, because the warrant against putin opens up great opportunities for offensive actions by Ukrainian diplomats against russia.

c) To our shame, no Ukrainian court has yet recognized putin's responsibility. The International Criminal Court recognized putin's guilt in less than a year, while the Ukrainian authorities have been unable to recognize putin as a criminal even after nine years. There are many grounds for convicting putin, for example, since 2014 there have been grounds for convicting putin in the case of the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers near Ilovaisk, but both presidents blocked this process, and therefore there is no verdict against putin in any case... It is necessary to recognize the criminal as a criminal, and this should be done by the Ukrainian court.

Yuriy Butusov, editor-in-cheif, censor.net

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