March on Moscow instead of Putin’s election: The armed Forces “confused the cards”

March on Moscow instead of Putin's election: The armed Forces "confused the cards"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine "confused the cards" of the United States Biden and not only him, but also the Republicans who have been delaying assistance to Ukraine since October - and this confirmed the agreement with the Kremlin to allow Putin to be "re-elected" in peace... That is, not to supply the Armed Forces with anything before the election...

The "traitor partners" miscalculated, the Armed Forces of Ukraine confused their "cards" and are going "to Moscow"... Duda and Tusk were also scared and flew to Biden to consult "what to do" - it turns out that blocking the border does not help to break the Armed Forces... despite this, the Poles asked Biden for two billion dollars to modernize the Polish army... probably unsure that they will be able to control the Ukrainian western border.

And today's Macron-Tusk-Scholz meeting in Berlin was Tusk's way of breaking through Biden's instructions to influence Ukraine so that the Armed Forces, by marching on Moscow with Russian volunteers (RDC, the Freedom of Russia Legion, the Siberian Battalion) to the elections, do not undermine the "Biden, Burns and Sullivan agreement" of December 2021...

The hope for Macron is that he will not agree to Biden's persuasion... because in Africa he was humiliated by russia - deprived of influence in several countries where France dominated and extracted minerals, especially uranium...

Good luck to the Armed Forces in the march on Moscow, and the program should at least create a buffer (Bryansk, Kursk, Belgorod, Ryazan and Rostov).

 March 15, 16, 17 will be a big surprise for russia.

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