The Kremlin operation “Pro-Russian Ukraine”

If the scenario of the Kremlin meddling in Ukraine’s elections is successful, it will be a geopolitical catastrophe on a European and global scale.

The Kremlin prepares Operation “Pro-Russian Ukraine”. This will be a geopolitical catastrophe for Poland. In no state of the former socialist camp, there were so many agents of the former KGB as in Ukraine.
The Kremlin is carrying out large-scale subversion against Central and Eastern Europe and will make every effort to pro-Russian candidate for president of Ukraine to win elections in March 2019. In addition, Moscow arranges its agents in all, without exception, the political forces of this state, so that the upcoming Verkhovna Rada would not be able to protect and strengthen Ukraine’s independence. Especially since Russian special services have paid special attention to Ukrainian patriotic organizations, to which Russia, on a massive scale, introduces its agents.
In practice, all candidates for president of Ukraine have ties with Russia, its agents or pro-Russian forces, because in fact the whole political class of Ukraine was formed in the nineties of the last century under the strict control of the special services of the successors of the Soviet KGB.
This is a consequence of the post-colonial and post-communist status of Ukraine. An expert on Ukrainian issues, a lecturer at Oxford University and a specialist in the analysis of conflicts at the British Military Academy, James Sherr, in an interview for the Defense-Express Information Service in 2002, noted that “Ukraine and its state institutions can be infiltrated by people whose private interests are contrary to the Ukrainian public interest. The issue also relates to Ukraine’s dependence on the international structures of the former Soviet Union, which use completely ambiguous and covert methods of action to complicate Ukraine’s integration with the European Union. ” After December 21, 2004, on the pages of the Ukrainian diary, “The Day”, the British expert was even more specific: “For Russia,” Sherr said, “in the former Soviet Union, the Cold War continues to this day.”
Back in August 2004, former KGB colonel Oleg Gordievsky, who fled to the West in 1985 and now lives in London, said in an interview for the BBC that “FSB and the GRU settled over 100 people in Kyiv”, and all oblast and regional FSB departments in Russia have a duty to recruit agents from Ukraine – this means, for example, that when an influential Ukrainian is on a business trip or in family affairs in Siberia, people of the local FSB will encourage him to cooperate. So, over the past decades, the FSB was able to recruit thousands of new agents, not counting those who had collaborated with the Soviet KGB.
Gordievsky noticed that “from the security service in Kiev, a lot of information flows to Moscow.” According to Gordievsky, the security service is so closely connected with the Russian FSB that it is worth looking at whose interests it protects – Russian or Ukrainian?
And despite the fact that recently a lot of professional officers – patriots of Ukraine appeared in the SBU, the influence of pro-Russian forces in this special service is enormous.
The Russian dissident of the sixties, Vladimir Krylovsky, wrote in the Ukrainian weekly “Personnel Plus” that “Ukrainian parties, public and governmental organizations (in the structure of executive and legislative power) were infiltrated by agents of special services, among them “snitches” who once worked for the KGB. There are thousands of them! In particular, these are agents of influence that are active in social and political life. If there is such a need, they can induce splits in social movements and parties, provoke wrangling of politicians, letting liberals manipulate public opinion. ” The following events of Ukrainian politics fully confirmed the words of Krylovsky.
The founder of Ukrainian intelligence, SBU General Oleksandr Skipalsky states that there is not so much of the former KGB agents in Ukraine as in the former socialist camp. Russian lobbyists such as Dmytro Tabachnyk and Viktor Medvedchuk (Putin’s colleague) had a tremendous impact on the Ukrainian government’s personnel policy. The figures of Ukrainian independent organizations are excluded from power. There are no stocks of state servants who understand the essence of Ukraine’s national interests. He was destroyed at the beginning.
Thus, the ridge of the Ukrainian state is infected by pro-Russian personnel and agents of the Kremlin. Now they are organized, mobilized and expect the creation of useful conditions for a radical change in the direction of the vector of Ukrainian foreign policy towards Russia.
Elections are an ideal time for Russian agents who, with the active support of the Kremlin, seek to seize power in Ukraine. But Russia freely spends huge sums and makes every effort to ensure that pro-Russian politicians who are hostile to Ukraine’s independence work in the offices of Ukrainian deputies, government agencies and the president.
Russian intervention in the presidential election in Ukraine is a challenge for the entire international security system.
If the Kremlin scenario of Russian interference in Ukraine’s elections is successful, it will be a geopolitical catastrophe on a European and global scale. Russian imperialism is revived from ashes and will immediately begin to destabilize the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. The Baltic states, Poland, Romania will be the target of Russian aggression and the stage of intensive hybrid warfare. In the case of the implementation of such a scenario, all Western civilization will be near the abyss.
Włodzimierz Ischuk / A.P.


Image credits: Gronda Morin
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