Kherson liberation: chronology of the brilliant Ukraine’s strategic operation 

Kherson liberation: chronology of the brilliant Ukraine's strategic operation 

On the day of the liberation of Kherson from the Russian invaders, we will preserve the chronology of this brilliant strategic operation for history.

 1. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are building up forces in the Kherson direction and launching an offensive.  PSYOP is promoting Kherson as the direction of the main strike.

 2. Russia is transferring troops from the East near Kherson.  Combat-ready personnel units.

 3. The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy the crossings, leaving the invaders on the right bank of the Dnieper on starvation rations - their logistics is broken.  The mousetrap closed.

 4. The Armed Forces of Ukraine carry out a lightning Kharkiv operation.  The right flank of the Russian group, weakened by the transfer of combat-ready units near Kherson, collapsed.  It is impossible to return troops from Kherson to the East.

 5. Undermining the Crimean bridge.  Another blow to the logistics that fed Kherson and the South.

 6. The Armed Forces of Ukraine conduct methodical shelling of Russians with painful blows to the rear on personnel, warehouses, and communications.  The Armed Forces of Ukraine  pressure on the front line.

 7. The General Staff of the Russian Federation understands that with this logistics, the surrender of Kherson is a matter of time.  Decision is made.  Surovikin hinted at "difficult decisions."

 8. Russia launches horror stories about undermining the dam.  To drown their own troops?  Waiting for the US elections in the hope of a turning point in support for Ukraine.  Despair and agony, "Wenck's army".

 9. The Republicans didn't take the Senate.  Why the Kremlin decided that the victory of the GOP is in its favor, only the Kremlin knows.

 10. The partial mobilization of the problem, announced a month ago, also partially solved it - it filled in the gaps in the defense.  And it created new ones - training, arming and supplying the mobilized.  But mobilization could not solve the problem of providing troops on the right bank of the Dnieper in principle.

 11. Shoigu and Surovikin acted out a sketch written for them about the incredible successes of the Russian army and, therefore, a completely logical retreat from Kherson.  In Russian publics, howl, "cotton", "bonfires of mountain ash" to the moon.

 12. Racing on pontoons and boats started.  Undermining the Antonovsky bridge.

 13. Methodical displacement of the AFU rearguard, covering the retreat of the invaders.  Accurate entry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into settlements.  The shelling of retreating columns, crossings.

 14. Ukrainian flag over Kherson.

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