European unity against the Russian invasion VS the moral decay of some European politicians

Europe is currently experiencing two processes opposite in form and content: European unity against the Russian invasion and the moral decay of some European politicians.

First of all, we are talking about Hungary, Germany, and Italy. Their highest officials have chosen the role of advocates of Russian Nazism.

As a result, the promised arms supplies are being disrupted, and sanctions are being hampered, as it was with the oil embargo.

Such behavior is criminal and will certainly leave in the history of these countries another dirty stain, as it was after World War II.

However, Ukraine has significantly strengthened its position in the international arena.

The whole world is supporting us except for the above-mentioned regrettable exceptions. The world is doing it not with words but with deeds.

Therefore, we must continue pushing hard despite the European advocates of Putin’s Nazism.

The civilized world must constantly toughen sanctions until the full denazification and demilitarization of Russia. This is one of the most important areas of focus of the Ukrainian government, and that’s what it does. 

The position of the state on this issue is expressed in the column of the head of the OP in the Financial Times; the main objects of sanctions pressure are also listed.

These are the financial and energy sectors, Russian officials, businessmen, their family members, transport and insurance companies, especially marine terminal operators, and insurance companies.

These are Russian banks, subsidiary banks, and offshore companies. It is also necessary to implement the oil and gas embargo project to deprive Russia of the opportunity to finance the war.

Such financial pressure on Russia will not only resolve the problem of the current war but also of the future ones, which this geopolitical monster will undoubtedly begin in the future if it is not stopped.


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