Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen will travel to China together

Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen will travel to China together

 On March 23-24 the EU Heads of State and Government Summit took place in Brussels.

Rostyslav Demchuk, criticized the work of Ukrainian media citing on irresponsible coverage of the summit. He highlighted the following summing up and its importance for Ukraine.

Summit is important not only because of the decision of the majority of EU countries to provide Ukraine with one million 155 mm artillery shells and an additional tranche of 1.5 billion euros to Ukraine. During the summit, President Emmanuel Macron presented a super unexpected and interesting initiative. Earlier, Emmanuel Macron had agreed with Xi Jinping that he would pay an official visit to Beijing on April 4. And so, during the summit in Brussels, the idea was hatched that during Macron's visit to Beijing, he should be accompanied by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.    

Emmanuel Macron's initiative was welcomed by EU leaders and Ms. von der Leyen herself. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will travel with French President Emmanuel Macron during his trip to China early next month.

During a press conference, Macron said that he had "invited von der Leyen to accompany him to China on April 4 so that they could speak with one voice."

"I don't have a European mandate because France has an independent diplomacy, but I am tied to European coordination," he added.

Macron said von der Leyen, who heads the EU executive, would join him - just as then-Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker did when French President and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping in Paris in 2019.

A Commission spokesperson confirmed that von der Leyen will be with Macron during Macron's trip to China, the first trip to Beijing by a European Commissioner in this capacity.

On the eve of his trip to China, von der Leyen will deliver a speech on EU-China relations next Thursday in Brussels. 

The French president said he also discussed the rendezvous with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, noting that the two share a "common vision." That vision is: "Engage with China to put pressure on Russia."

In addition to Macron's upcoming trip to Beijing, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also announced that he will soon travel to China as well.

Great four-handed game, ladies and gentlemen! Just brilliant!

For those who believe that Xi has already made up his mind in advance, and his pro-Russian vector is unlikely to be shaken.

The accents are a bit misplaced. Xi Jinping is not so much pro-Russian as pro-Chinese. Xi Jinping is simply loyal to Russia at this historical stage. But Putin, with his sick Russia, is pro-Chinese, not the other way around.

It should be taken into account that during their meeting in Moscow, putin and Xi aimed to increase trade to 120 billion US dollars (by the end of 2025). And between the US and China, the trade turnover is already over 700 million US dollars, and the current trade turnover between China and the EU is almost 80 million dollars. Together, the trade turnover between China and the US and the EU is 150 trillion dollars. Do you need any comments here?

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