Does Ukraine has republicans oriented lobby in the U.S.?

Does Ukraine has republicans oriented lobby in the U.S.?

Oleksandr Kochetkov's analysis about why hasn't Ukraine republicans oriented lobby been created in the U.S.?

I never stop to say that the emotional approach to interaction with our allies has been exhausted since the beginning of this year. And it will no longer be the case that President Zelenskyy arrives in some countries, is given the most authoritative rostrum, receives a standing ovation and then the aid to indomitable Ukraine is eagerly discussed. 

The approach must be changed. Rostrums, stages, millions of broadcasts are in the past. 

Do you know who are the most influential people for American politicians, primarily Republicans? Lawyers, doctors, priests. These are the people who know the innermost things about their customers, and whose opinions are very weighty.

We have numerous legal and medical public organizations with access to the USA. There are appropriate contacts between our and American religious communities. Therefore, they should begin to actively inform their colleagues from the United States about the atrocities against the civilian population committed by the russian invaders.

It is professional information — the number of injuries, their nature, the complexity of treatment. The same goes for lawyers: clearly documented information about the war crimes committed by the invaders rather than propaganda, which is no longer perceived.

As for the priests in the USA, we should inform them that Ukraine is a multi-religious country and legal action rather than impalement or ‘death by fire’ taken against the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate, even those who campaign in favor of the aggressor, and that we are not the country of the antichrist, as the russian disinformers claim. 

If lawyers, doctors and priests in the USA begin to inform their highly esteemed clients about the real state of the war in Ukraine, this will definitely affect the position of congressmen, senators and all others on whom effective support of Ukraine depends. 

But such a political-technological approach implies that our government begins to interact with the public, with society, and this is still too difficult a step for it. 

The main thing is not to be late.

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