Do the radical Trumpists understand that Ukrainians now solving the global security issue with our own blood, for minimum funds?

For many decades, substantial funds have been invested in the Israeli military industry and the training of the army. This year alone, they [the U.S.] announced the transfer of 25 (!) F-35s to Israel for $3 billion.

So that terrorists on mopeds, pickups trucks and hang-gliders broke through their border, and their advance in the first hours was up to 10 km. 

I have no doubt that terrorists will be destroyed and pushed back, but still. This is a huge failure on the part of Israeli intelligence. And the border checkpoints are not ready at all. 

Over 20 years, the USA spent about 1 trillion dollars to maintain the American contingent in Afghanistan. So that the terrorists took over the whole country in 2 weeks.

At the same time, over 7+ years (2014-beginning of 2022), the USA invested $2.7 billion in the security sector of Ukraine. So that we would use Soviet weapons, launch pinpoint attacks with Western weapons and Turkish drones to burn kilometer-long Russian convoys and prevent the capture of the capital and the north of Ukraine. 

Now we have to beg the USA for money. 

And I just want to ask: do the radical Trumpists understand that we are now solving the issue of global world security with our own blood, for minimum funds? 

A rhetorical question arises: Is the main thing for them to screw up Biden, so that they themselves can "take the cream" from our future victory? 

Vasyl Stus

Ukraine Front Lines

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