Demobilization law does not exists. Ukrainian soldiers may return home dead or heavily wounded

Demobilization law does not exists. Ukrainian soldiers may return home dead or heavily wounded

Demobilization law does not exists. Ukrainian soldiers may return home dead or heavily wounded.

Tim Zlatkin's analysis.

So, what's up with the demobilization law? Have they forgotten and blew off it? You, guys, just fight, and don't talk shit on social media?? 

We will not give you a vacation, and if we will, then for two weeks, no more, because there is no one to fight,we have fucked up mobilization.

Regular rotations? Don't buy that bullshit! You can shove it! The top leadership knows better than you!

And why was the mobilization fucked up? For the same reasons - who will now voluntarily go to serve, if military have been turned into uncomplaining slaves???

Work your ass to the bone 24 hours a day, 7 day a week all year round until you return in a coffin or at best as cargo 300! No one in their right mind is going to sign up for this madness.

However, hundreds of thousands of guys went to defend the country amid a full-scale invasion. Because they understood, “ if we don’t do that, then who will?”.

However, on the third year of the war, they ask the logical questions, “what the hell are we dying here while others even manage to make money on our blood?? What the hell?!

What’s the hell is the motivation for an average citizen to go to the front? When he sees with the naked eye all this shit that is happening around the army and in it???

You understand that you will be able to grab people on the streets and load them into  buses for a maximum of six months. Although at such rates you will only lead the situation  to physical and, God forbid, armed resistance.

And then you are done! Even pitting veterans against dodgers will not help you. And the amber riots will seem ridiculous.

Sort out your mess! Motivate people correctly to join the ranks of the Armed Forces not out of fear, but for a sense of protection. Because the army is running out of fighters, and new normal ones will no longer come willingly.

Because Ukraine is a free people. They cannot be forced for a long time. They will suffer a little longer, but then they will really mess you upю

Give them hope and a chance - and they will reward you in full.

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