Comrade Xi left Moscow. He did not promise to come back. Geopolitical wushu sum up

Comrade Xi left Moscow. He did not promise to come back. Numerous professionals from China will be engaged in the economic digestion of the under-empire.

We can sum up. However, there are no fundamentally important results that change the existing world the balance.

I will immediately formulate for those who are concerned: whether there will be a call from Xi Jinping to Volodymyr Zelenskyi after Moscow, or not means nothing. "Call me!" - not a Ukrainian song. The marker that Comrade Xi and remnant Pu have agreed on a joint position on Ukraine is the publication of a specific peace plan by Xi Jinping rather than a formal telephone conversation between the leaders of Ukraine and China. So we exhale and stop drawing on the napkins the red dragon in an embrace with the plucked Siberian Crane.

And in general, the assessments of the Chinese visit are too polarized — from an obsequious delight expressed by russian propagandists to the enthusiastic savoring of the enslavement of russia by Ukrainian propagandists. And, like all extremes, these assessments are far from the facts.

About the facts. China and Russia intend to expand their economic and strategic partnership. However, they had expand it before, and since 2014 they have also deepened it. But the under-empire is capable of supplying China only with energy resources. The under-empire will supply to China 30-50 billion cubic meters of gas per year with a 50-70% discount. Earlier it supplied 150 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe at a market price, whereas only 20 billion cubic meters will be supplied in the next couple of years.

It doesn't sound like there's any compensation for the lost European market at all. The same goes for oil products. But the money that the under-empire earns and that it has accumulated is enough to wage war against Ukraine. In the end, they will simply stop budget payments to everyone except the military, the national guard, the police and propagandists, and this is enough to drive the russian human mass to Ukraine for disposal.

Although the declared strategic partnership between China and the Russian Federation implies cooperation in the military sphere as well, it will not give the result soon. And it will not influence the course of the all-determining spring-autumn campaign in Ukraine either. Because China does not intend to send trains with armored vehicles and ammunition to Russia in order to preserve the remnants of relations with the USA and Europe. And small batches in a roundabout way through Belarus, Iran and other satellites of China will not become decisive, all the more so because it will be not Soviet weapons and russian soldiers will have to study it.

Overall, China clearly intends to be engaged in its favorite activities: geopolitical wushu, which it is  masterful in. That is, the use of other people's confrontations in their own interests.

As part of this strategy, China will seek to keep the under-empire from a crushing defeat so that it continues to get on the nerves of the USA. But China will not strengthen russia excessively in order to be able to milk it dry.

This approach resembles that of a pragmatically cynical doctor who maintains hope in a hopelessly ill patient in order to profit from his futile treatment. The russian bear had not only his limbs, but also his head severed in Ukraine, and no Chinese Aibolit will put it back on.

Everything's still the same in Ukraine: we have to withstand the fierce attacks of the russians along the entire front, plus strikes against our rear, and to launch our strategic counteroffensive. And believe me, China monitors every square meter of Ukrainian territory - who controls it. And when we reach the Sea of Azov, Comrade Xi will meet with President Zelenskyy and discuss the possibilities of strategic cooperation. China is pragmatic to the point of fanaticism.

Let us neither vibrate about the Celestial Empire nor rely solely on the help of the allies. The fate of Ukraine is in the hands of the heroic Ukrainian soldiers.

By the way, against the backdrop of the Chinese leader’s visit to Moscow, Washington has accelerated the supply of armored vehicles to us - albeit not the latest, but quite suitable for a turning point at the front. And for me, this is the main practical result of the events that took place.

Oleksandr Kochetkov

Ukraine Front Lines


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