Collapse of Ukraine Power Industry Can Be Avoided

Collapse of Ukraine Power Industry Can Be Avoided

In Oleksandr Kochetkov's opinion, the intention to raise electricity tariffs is an undisguised sabotage against Ukraine. And if we had a truly independent SBU, it would have to investigate such actions under the article "treason". And it doesn't matter if it's malicious intent or just the usual stupidity. I will explain why. 

1. Our international partners allocate targeted funds to support and restore our power industry. And this is a lot of money - hundreds of millions of dollars. How were they used? Where is the report from our government and energy monopolies on the expenditure of these funds?

2. How will the money from the tariff increase be used to restore the energy sector? There are reasonable suspicions that the money will not be used for this purpose. Where is the transparent scheme for the use of tariff money, who is personally responsible for the effectiveness of its use? 3. If there is really not enough international aid and there is a real need to attract citizens' funds, it is necessary to act in a completely different way. It is necessary to develop a thorough action plan, decide on the amount of financing and establish a special non-governmental fund for these needs under the leadership of recognized energy specialists. When citizens see what their money will be used for, they will begin to fill this fund voluntarily, because no one wants to suffer in the dark. Where is the plan to restore energy facilities? 

They can claim that such a plan must be very secret so that the enemy does not find out. Unfortunately,  the enemy can easily track the beginning of repair works on any significant infrastructure object of Ukraine with the help of the satellite reconnaissance system. Besides, human intelligence works for the enemy, as President Zelenskyy mentioned. In order to prevent repeated enemy attacks, what is needed is not so much to repair old facilities, but to urgently develop decentralized power generation — to purchase and put into operation small energy facilities: the enemy will not have enough missiles for all of them. And this should be ensured by the plan for which the funds of Ukrainians are needed.

By the way, I know for sure that there are excellent Ukrainian developments of mini-TPPs. But for years, their developers have been unable to overcome bureaucratic obstacles created by monopolists who have effectively taken over our power industry. 

And the last thing. 

I always supported the development of "green energy". Because this is the future that needs to be created now. But I was reproached that "green energy" is a means of enriching the oligarchs, and our government acts correctly when it violates the agreed terms of investment in this sphere...

And today it suddenly becomes clear that "green energy" due to its decentralization and, accordingly, lower vulnerability, remains almost the only generating capacity besides the NPPs. In fact, we do not need simple solutions - they are the path to disaster. We need strategic, transparent, responsible decisions that Ukrainian society understands and supports.

Oleksandr Kochetkov

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