Avdiivka: how did it happen that russians advance again?

Avdiivka: how did it happen that russians advance again?

“How did it happen that the enemy perfidiously began advancing towards Avdiivka? - an average citizen complains. We were promised our big offensive, land corridor, Melitopol, Mariupol, Crimea this summer! Avdiivka was not in the plans, putin cheated us again!.. “

Yuriy Kasyanov analize:

Look around – the concrete for the unbuilt bunkers of Avdiivka is buried in the new asphalted roads, in the new pavements, in the new parks and stadiums. The wasted billions include thousands of drones, shells, missiles, NATO first-aid kits, and high-quality tourniquets. They are sweat, pain and blood of our fighters.

Next year, Ukraine will spend more than 21% of GDP on defense. A record amount, if compared with previous years: in 2013, 1% was allocated for the army, and since the beginning of the war, they began to allocate 2.5-5.5%, which, of course, was not enough for anything, but for these pennies the great hetman "revived" the army, and then the "great construction" completed the "preparation" for a full-scale invasion.

By the way, 5% is not the military expenditure of a warring country at all. Western countries spent such money during the Cold War. Cold, not hot!

The promised 21.6% is already wow! Only, our army has become at least 4 times larger. And the daily expenses on equipment, fuel, shells, missiles, grenades, cartridges are huge. It’s a lot less money than we need. Unless the allies help us...

How much should be spent on the war in order to have enough for the defense of Avdiivka, and perhaps also for the liberation of Crimea?

During World War II, the USA spent an average of 43.4% of GDP on defense, the Great Britain - 55.7%, Germany - 67.8%, Japan - 49.7%, the USSR - 55% of national income.

For this money, 296,100 aircraft, 86,500 tanks, 253,000 guns and 110,000 mortars were produced in the USA; 104,000 aircraft, 65,100 tanks, 174,500 guns and 82,000 mortars – in Germany; 120,000 aircraft, 90,000 tanks, 360,000 guns, and 300,000 mortars – in the USSR. 

A five-day (at least) working week and a ten-hour (at least) working day were introduced in all warring countries during World War II. In the USA, during the war, the production of passenger cars was suspended, and their sale to the population was completely stopped.

 “All for victory!” This is not the slogan of the USSR; the “damned capitalists” and the market economy were the first to adopt it.

All materials and resources were strictly rationed; for example, you couldn't buy anything in the store that contained rubber, because this strategic raw material was exclusively for the needs of the defense industry. Military factories worked around the clock, in three shifts.

The rich behaved modestly and served in the army, instead of hanging out in elite restaurants. The rationingsystem in Great Britain was abolished only in 1955...

In Kyiv, the war is imperceptible. No one works in three shifts. Even nightclubs stay open. On Fridays, people are leaving the capital for the weekend. Having grieved over Avdiivka, the average citizen is in a rush for a legilal holiday.

The West will help us.

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