‘Another Putsch?’ sounds more logical than ‘Where is Mr Putin’?

Is it a strange Putsch in Russia that's lasting 9 days already, taking place in a completely closed regime - and no information even from the Western Media?

Is it some strange disease that hasn't landed the patient in any clinic?

Is it the strange Kadyrov who openly claims that the order to kill Nemtsov was received through 'patriotic channels'?

Or is it that Putin is busy slicing up his opponents, or is it that Putin's former associates are slicing up Russia as they change the managers of the government agencies? Or are they all getting together to launch an attack on Ukraine?

And if it is something else?

Why didn't Putin do anything to Yeltsin and his associates all these years? Maybe killing Nemtsov was a boorish violation of agreements they had? And those who had installed Putin in Yeltsin's place are now protecting the rules of the game? That same Leningrad mafia gang?


Original article in russian language is available on hrabro.com.

EMPR: O. R. contributed to this publication


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