A chronicle of deception: how the new leadership betrayed Euromaidan

a chronicle of deception how the new leadership betrayed euromaidan ukraine realities after euromaidan revolution governance under president poroshenko

Ukraine realities after Euromaidan revolution. Inna Nychyporuk summarizes results after nine months of “kamikaze management” and five months of governance under President Poroshenko.

  1. November 30, 2013: Berkut forces [special police; at present officially dissolved] cut short a student protest rally in the center of Kyiv with a bloody crackdown. To this day the outcome of any investigations into the matter have not been made public. No names have been publicized; the guilty have not been arrested or apprehended. On direct orders from the authorities Popov, Sivkovych, Koriak, and Kusiuk [found to be responsible for the bloody crackdown on the Maidan], are still at large.
  2. January 1, 2014: In a breach of standing legislation despotic laws were passed in Parliament limiting the  rights of individuals. For that not a single deputy has been brought to answer in front of the law; Kaletnyk and Olinyk [Party of Regions deputies] are still at large, in addition to which Olinyk is quietly working in Parliament while paying respects to the Russian Duma.
  3. January 19-22, 2014: The murders of S. Nihoian, M. Zhyznevskyi, and U. Verbytskyi have gone unpunished. It is not known whether any investigation is underway. Berkut, the thugs who beat and tortured people have not been punished; the prosecutors and judges who arrested people on the Maidan and in Automaidan and detained those who were supplying tires or firewood to the Maidan have not been brought to justice.
  4. February 18-20, 2014: The raid and executions carried out on the Maidan, the burning of the Trade Union building, the Heaven’s Hundred murders; the shocking tragic events in which people wearing construction helmets and using wooden shields for protection were shot at by snipers with live ammunition – not one of those responsible has been brought to justice – not the ones giving the orders, not the ones executing the orders. Whether an investigation is being conducted is not known. In addition the former head of the city administration in Kyiv who had given the order to shut down the subway February 18-20 is still at large.
  5. May 2, 2014: The Odesa Massacre. There are many video recordings in which it is evident that the Odesa police handed weapons to the separatists. Results of the investigation into the matter have not been made public. Not a single policeman has been dismissed or reprimanded or arrested. A local Euromaidan activist has been jailed, though.
  6. May 9: Mariupol. The police force in Mariupol had Georgian ribbons [highest military decoration of imperial Russia] pinned to their uniforms; Khotlubei, the mayor of Mariupol, sent Putin a dispatch, begging, “Vova, bring in the army.” July-September: Municipal authorities in Mariupol were full of confidence: “Mariupol is ours, all the corrupt cops and Khotlubei are in place.” A conclusion must be drawn that since no one has been replaced, it must mean that no crimes had been committed. And indeed: not a single criminal proceeding has been initiated against those who abused their power.
  7. The case against Dobkin [former mayor of Kharkiv; cooperated with the separatists] has been dismissed by the federal security agency due to an “absence of criminal intent” yet cases against the volunteer battalions have been opened on the grounds that volunteer battalions are offensive to the “good” separatists. In Kharkiv the police continue to provide security for the rallies held by the separatists, they still refer to the national flag of Ukraine as a rag, and they continue to beat the people taking part in Euromaidan rallies while the mayor of the city, Kernes, still rides his bicycle around the city and is still bent on restoring the statues of Lenin. Any signs of lustration here? Not that anyone has heard.
  8. The detained mayor-separatist of Stakhaniv gave testimony against Efremov, who had financed the separatists in Luhansk, and today, where is the mayor of Stakhaniv? Have any criminal proceedings against Efremov [former assistant to Yanukovich; his policies bankrupted Luhansk manufacturing plants] been initiated?
  9. Have there been any reforms? No, the idea of reforms is still in the realm of science fiction. “The country is at war, not the time for all that…” – well, you know…
  10. No sanctions against Russia. The United States has imposed sanctions against Russia, Europe has imposed sanctions against Russia, Japan, Canada, Australia have imposed sanctions against Russia. And Ukraine? Nope! Why not? Russia has taken over Crimea and started the war in Donbas! And how’s this for ridiculous: Russia has introduced tariffs on our products and has prohibited the import of our products yet Ukraine continues to have diplomatic relations with Russia and economic and MILITARY cooperation with the aggressor. Could it be because our president has business interests there and his personal welfare takes precedence over the welfare of the nation?
  11. A member of Yanukovich’s Party of Regions who voted for the despotic laws that were passed in Parliament on January 16, 2014 and who provided the titushki [paid rabble-rousers] that were brought in to Kyiv’s Marinsky Park has been appointed governor of Kirovohrad Oblast. This must be new-age lustration!
  12. The Association Agreement with the European Union has been ratified but its economic segment will not be implemented before 2016, unless, of course, Putin will call for another delay. In addition to which the dickhead has no respect for rule of law and will refuse to accept any laws concerning the implementation of the agreement before 2016. In any case, the actions our president and his administration would take are predictable.
  13. The 51st Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been disbanded because the soldiers had surrendered and were taken captive while General Lytvyn (brother number 2) who fled the ATO battle zone is still serving as General.
  14. Though there were no orders from senior officers to retreat, the commander of  “Prykarpattia” Battalion gave the order to his soldiers and  was summoned to court a week after the incident while Lytvyn, the chief of Border Security (brother number 1), Heletei and Muzhenko [career military appointees] have retained their ranks and positions because they are “irreplaceable.”
  15. Regarding the tragedy of IL-76, Sector D that includes battles around Zelenopillia, Izvaryno, Marynivka, Ilovaisk, Shakhtarsk, and Saur Mohyla: the investigation into the alleged negligence, sloppiness and willful destruction of troops is being stalled by the senior staff of the army. None of the generals has been dismissed, arrested or sentenced because “the battalions themselves were at fault” and “they are no heroes.” Heletei is most certainly a hero – after all, he is irreplaceable.
  16. Ukraine has not filed any lawsuits with the European Court against Russia for the annexation of Crimea, for the assault on eastern Ukraine, the dismantling and export [to Russia] of entire manufacturing plants from Luhansk or for the losses incurred by the aggressor.
  17. The Pechersk court [in Kyiv] dismissed charges that were brought against a member of Berkut who was accused of murdering 39 people on the Maidan between February 18 – 20. Prior to that the court had ruled in favor of Medvedchuk and Portnov. Is this an example of how the lustration of judges is being implemented and an example of the guilty being sentenced? Hardly.
  18. “Special status” laws for Luhansk and Donetsk and an amnesty for the murderers of our soldiers were passed following the tried and true method of Yanukovich-Kaletnikov-Olinyk, which is to say, in secret, behind closed doors, this time supposedly dictated by the circumstance of the “accidentally broken” electronic display board at the exact moment of voting. Our “popular president” is not pushing through election laws based on the proportional system, laws regarding open lists of candidates and the financing of political parties, the law on lustration or the establishment of an anti-corruption office. Do we wonder why? (Rhetorical question.)
  19. The Poroshenko Bloc includes in its list: his son, three Balohas, his childrens’ godparents, his secretaries, and former members of the Party of Regions.
  20. The assets of the Kurchenko family to this day are still owned by Kurchenko; Italy and Austria have frozen his accounts as well as the real estate holdings of Azarov Jr. What has Ukraine done in regard to either of the oligarchs? The Boiko [Ponzi] schemes cost the country 200 million UAH, and who is the guilty party? The federal security agents do not know. Pray tell, is the security agency still functioning?
  21. Credit in the amount of 500 milliom UAH has been issued by the government to Dniproblenerho [power company in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast], a company owned by Akhmetov. At the same time the government has imposed a 1.5% tax on the charity contributions that were collected for the military, telling us to feed, clothe, and heal the soldiers with our own money; restoration of the infrastructure of the Donbas will be done with tax money.
  22. Oleg Tatarov is Zakharchenko’s (former Minister of the Interior) chief mouthpiece. He persecuted the Maidan community, tried to convince the western media that the protesters on the Maidan were the ones who fired shots at themselves and now he has been appointed aide to the state representative of the Kherson Regional State Administration. A better aide could not be found in a country that has a population of 45 million.
  23. The President made an official announcement on August 27 that the Russian Army invaded Ukraine. At a meeting with the National Security Council the President learned that Ukraine and Russia were to hold negotiations on joint border patrols. At a NATO summit the President appealed for help in the fight against the Russian-supported terrorists. That same evening, in Minsk, Ukraine signed a ceasefire agreement with those same terrorists. The President then traveled to the United States where he appealed to Congress to grant Ukraine status as special ally of the United States outside NATO and for the United States to recognize the DNR and LNR as terrorist organizations.
  24. A whole group of corrupt candidates were running for office in Parliament.
  25. The Central Electoral Commission, in which the sister of former Justice Minister Lukash (he is on a wanted list) still works, refused to register deputies from the party “Svoboda” yet deputies from the Party of Regions, the Communist Party and separatists were registered without a problem.\
  26. Two Kyiv city council members and the Deputy Prosecutor General divvied up 140 hectares of land near Kyiv among themselves while a journalist who wanted to investigate the goings on with the land received threats. This is “life in the new Ukraine.”
  27. President’s unfulfilled promises: “ATO operations will last a few days at most”; “I will sell my business”; “soldiers will be paid 1000 UAH a day and each soldier taking part in ATO operations will be accorded life insurance in the amount of one million UAH.”
  28. And the most embarrassing and shameful of all: Ukraine will be buying coal from Russia, the same coal that Russia took out of the coal mines in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts and hauled off to Russia.

The list goes on: what about the war against corruption, the war against domestic foes (Communists, Party of Regions, separatists), the irresponsible ministerial appointments, the media throwing mud at the battalion commanders, the traitors in the military, the way the Ministry of Defense is ignoring the needs of the soldiers (Why? Well, because the volunteers will take care of everything…).

Everything continues to function as it had under Yanukovych, though without Yanukovych and without Crimea but with an added legitimized criminal republic in the east of the country. Poroshenko & Co have done nothing to give us hope that things will be better.

We did have a parade, though, millions were found to conduct an election, the chamber of the United States Congress exploded with applause in support of our dream-nation, and….we do speak English quite well.





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