Ukrainian engineers presents the state-of-the-art submarine at the IDEX-2023 in Abu Dhabi

Ukrainian engineers presents the state-of-the-art submarine at the IDEX-2023 in Abu Dhabi

Ukrainian engineers from the Highland Systems company presented the state-of-the-art submarine "Kronos" at the international exhibition IDEX-2023 in Abu Dhabi, but they did not represent Ukraine.

On February 20, another international arms exhibition IDEX-2023 started in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Ukrainian manufacturers presented their products at the joint NAUDI exhibition. The announced participants were "Ukrainian armored vehicles", KB "Luch", "Aviation systems of Ukraine", "Radioniks", UkrSpecSystems, "Trytel", UkrTac, KZVV, "Aviaservice-Kyiv".

On the same day, Yuri Shvets talked about Ukrainian engineers who had built a state-of-the-art submarine, but had presented it at the exhibition not from Ukraine!

This small submarine is powered by diesel and electric engines, it can submerge to a depth of 200 m, can be equipped with torpedoes, and can accommodate 10 passengers. It is planned that the submarine will operate in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

It is clear that Ukraine could use such a submarine in fighting against russia. But that has not happened yet. According to Shvets, Ukraine is trying to purchase a submarine from one of the Western countries for $150 million. However, the submarine of Ukrainian engineers announced at the exhibition is 4-5 times cheaper. Now I wonder what Ukroboronprom will do in this situation?

This was reported by Andrii Lysenko.

Meantime, the next interview [to be publish soon] will bring a light on Highland Systems's positions on whether Ukraine would be interested in the Kronos submarine for combat missions in the Black Sea.

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