Ukrainian animation movie “The Stolen Princess” to be shown around the globe

ukraine animation movie the stolen princess

Ukrainian animation movie “The Stolen Princess” to be shown in 40 countries around the globe.

The animation movie “The Stolen Princess” has already been released in Kyiv.
The picture was produced by Ukrainina company Animagrad. Rental rights for the movie were sold to around 40 countries.
“The Stolen Princess” is one of the winners of the ninth competitive selection Derzhkino. The institution provided financial support of up to 19 million 44,4 thousand UAH. This is almost 20% of the total cost of the production.
The plot of the movie occurs in Kyiv, in a distant past: in the era of brave warriors, princesses, and sorcerers. The wandering artist, Ruslan, dreams of becoming a knight. By pure chance, he meets Mila and falls in love with her. The guy could not even think that this was a daughter of a Kyiv prince. The evil sorcerer called Chernomor is in the way of their happiness. Chernomor appears like a magical whirlwind and kidnaps Mila. The magician has the sinister plan: he wants to turn the power of the girl’s love into her his own sorcerous power. Ruslan does not hesitate to save Mila, who is dear to his heart.

The director of the production is Jaroslav Wojcieszek. The producer is Yegor Olesov. The production designer is Christian Koskinen. The main roles were voiced by the band “Time and Glass”: Alexey Zavgorodny and Nadya Dorofeeva. The prince was voiced by Stanislav Boklan, and the Learned Cat was voiced by Yuri Gorbunov. Sergei Pritula voiced the character of Nestor The Lithographer. The thoughts of a big head are voiced by MONATIK.
The soundtrack for the animated film “Before the Stars” was recorded by the band “Time and Glass”. He was presented for Valentine’s Day. Worth mentioning that it was the first Ukrainian-language song performed by the duo.


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