Kyiv outdoor floral instalations dedicated to patriotic themes or the Russian-Ukrainian war

Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Russian warship, and "Mriya": the best outdoor floral arrangements are being chosen in Kyiv.

Kyiv city authorities offer to choose the best outdoor floral arrangement created by the capital's public utility workers.

All installations are dedicated to patriotic themes or the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The votes can be submitted until June 21. According to the Kyiv City State Administration, the winners will be awarded the day after.

The winner is being chosen from almost 30 artworks, including compositions dedicated to the stamp with a Russian warship, the Mriya plane, a madonna from the Kyiv metro breastfeeding a baby, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Stamp: "Russian warship go fuck yourself". Photo credits: Kyiv city administration.

"I would like to express our gratitude to all the employees of the Kyiv green sector who found the time and opportunity to create these wonderful floral arrangements in addition to their daily duties," said Oleksandr Voznyi, head of the Kyiv City State Administration's ecology department.

Madonna from the subway. Photo credits: Kyiv city administration.

The capital's utility services needed 320,000 flowers for all the flower beds.

"All of them were grown in district enterprises greenhouses that are part of our association. We grow flowers to decorate the capital every year. This year we created patriotic compositions out of them," said Oleksiy Korol, director of Kyivzelenbud.

Ukrainian aircraft "Mriya". Photo credits: Kyiv city administration.

The Kyiv City State Administration also reported that the installation dedicated to the "Ghost of Kyiv" in the Podilskyi district was included in the National Register of Records as the largest flower-patriotic arrangement.

"Ghost of Kyiv". Photo credits: Kyiv city administration.

You can vote and get acquainted with all the outdoor floral arrangements by following the link.

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