Tourists left more than 600 million euros in Lviv

tourists left more than 600 mln eur in lviv in 2017 ukraine news updates

2.6 million tourists visited Lviv and spent more than 600 million euros in 2017.

Such figures are reported by the tourism management of the Lviv City Council.
Ukrainians, Poles and Belarusians are the most frequent visitors of Lviv. The top ten countries whose inhabitants enjoy traveling to Lviv include Turkey, Germany, the United States, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Canada.
"For the analysis of the market of inbound tourists, we use three sources of information gathering: a survey of visitors of the city by the face-to-face method, the statistics of visitors to tourist information centers and the data of the Lviv tourist barometer, which is provided with information by the accommodation establishments", - says the head of tourism management LMR Galina Malets.
On average, one tourist spends about 75 euros a day, and the average length of stay is 4.4 days. Only a quarter of tourists travel by themselves, the rest prefer traveling with friends, family or as a part of tourist groups.
The most popular tourist attractions in the city are the Opera House, the Town Hall and the High Castle. The best way to spend time in Lviv is to visit restaurants and cafes, walks and visits to cultural establishments.
According to Chief of the Tourism Department of the Lviv City Council Galina Malets, during the first two weeks of 2018, about 250 thousand tourists arrived in Lviv. "We did not make a thorough analysis, but according to the data we received from hotels, and the statistics of tourist information centers, the number is about a quarter of a million," - the official says.



Image credits: westnews.
Source: unian.

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