Dnister Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant became the largest in Europe

Dniester PSP became the largest hydroelectric power plant in Europe

UKRHYDROENERGO” has commissioned the fourth hydro unit of the Dnister Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant with a capacity of 324 MW.

This was reported by the company’s press service.

The total installed capacity of the Dniester PSP reached 1,296 MW in turbine mode, and 1,684 MW – in pump mode.

The plant will consist of seven hydro units with a total capacity of 2,268 MW, elevating the PSP to the first place in the ranking in Europe and sixth – in the world.

“This is an important event for the whole industry, because with a significant shortage of coal in TPP coal-storage facilities, an additional 324 MW is a factor that will contribute to energy security and sustainability of the United Power System of Ukraine,” said Ukrhydroenergo CEO Ihor Syrota.

The company reminded that the construction of a hydroelectric pumped storage power station           on the Dniester, first of all, makes it possible to use surplus cheap night electric power to pump water into the upstream reservoir to high levels (in pump mode) and generate electric power in turbine mode during peak hours, allowing for balanced operation of nuclear power plants.


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