Why all our enemies need Ukraine, but without Ukrainians?

Why all our enemies need Ukraine, but without Ukrainians

Why all our enemies need Ukraine, but without Ukrainians? The answer is Ukrainian subsoil.

Trillions of dollars are under Ukrainians's feet. 850 million tons of oil. Second place in Europe! It would be enough to cover Ukrainian own market.

And there is another 10 billion tons of oil waiting for us in the Black Sea.

1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. In Europe, we are second in terms of reserves of this hydrocarbon.

More than 4 trillion cubic meters of shale gas. Third place in Europe in terms of deposits.

120 billion tons of coal. Eighth place in the world in terms of reserves of this fossil fuel. We would have enough for 500 years.

500 thousand tons of lithium, the most sought-after metal of the 21st century! The largest reserve in Europe.

27 billion tons of iron ore. The largest deposits in the world!

2.28 billion tons of manganese ore. The largest in Europe. The second largest in the world.

More than 1 billion tons of kaolin. Fourth largest in the world in terms of reserves.

9 billion tons of rock salt. One of the largest reserves in the world.

3,000 tons of gold,

1 billion tons of graphite,

4.3 billion tons of potassium salt,

166 million tons of sulfur,

1.5 thousand tons of amber.

Phosphorites, onyx, quartz, gypsum, agate, rock crystal, topaz, fluorite, apatite ores. There are even diamonds beneath us.

And this is not to mention the hundreds of thousands of the most fertile soil in the world - more valuable than gold.

Outside, Muscovites by force, inside, corrupt officials by cunning - they all want to take possession of our subsoil.

In 1991, every Ukrainian had $200,000 in explored mineral resources.

That is why all our enemies need Ukraine, but without Ukrainians. So we are not poor. We are robbed. But nothing is completely lost. It is now up to us to live in prosperity on our land or to wander the world.

Y. Botnar



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