Corruption in Ukraine. State treason in Energoatom. Or is it in the Security Service of Ukraine?

corruption ukraine energoatom sbu

The Security Service of Ukraine declares that the top managers of Energoatom were recruited by Russians for sabotage in the Ukrainian energy sector.

The value in dispute are tenders for 300 million euros in favor of “gaskets” with Russian goods lobbied by the SBU agents.

There are such stories that are not easy to read, but they show what is really happening in the state. There are dozens of similar stories, if not hundreds, bigger or smaller. One thing combines them: while loud slogans are being heard from the stands and televisions, money is poured under the carpet of power.

Here is one of these “under-the-carpet” stories by Yuriy Nikolov and Irina Sharpinska for nashigroshi.

The Security Service of Ukraine has been investigating criminal proceedings against Energoatom officials for two years under charges of state security, sabotage, violations of the rules of nuclear security, abuse of power and official falsification during events that began in 2014.
Since August 2015, individuals involved in this case face a 10 to 15 year prison confiscation of property. The very fact of the matter is that Energoatom does not want to buy Russian goods at inflated prices, and the SBU believes that it is harmful to state security.
However, the case of state treason and sabotage of recruited by Russians top-managers in the nuclear industry for such a long time did not end with arrests. That looks a bit strange in wartime.
“Our money” believes that the Security Service of Ukraine for two years of the investigation did not arrest anyone of the top managers of Energoatom, because the SBU is so corrupt and recruited by the Russians, that it forces nuclear producers to squandering public funds in favor of Russian suppliers of spare parts at high prices.
And here is the explanation for this.
The SBU points out that Nedashkovsky’s managers dragged Motortheh Company to carry out works that worth $ 150,000. But the same managers now are the targets of investigation on the case of NABU on bribery of the group of Mykola Martynenko at Energoatom and there are hundreds of times larger amounts. Can you imagine that the billionaires got up from the chair for a penny?
On the other hand, everything is much simpler due to the primitive fact that the SBU, even in its conduct, does not hide the main factor for irritation – the nuclear power producers did not want to purchase Russian spare parts. There is a letter, at the disposal of “Our Money”, from the head of the SBU Office in Zaporizhzhia region Alexander Shmitko to the head of the ZNPP (Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant). It states that the involvement of other contractors for the repair of diesel generators, other than the representative of the Russian manufacturer (this refers to the Latvian “gasket” “Raido Trading”), undermines the economic interests of the state in the name of the ZNPP.
According to “Our money”, tender prices for these spare parts exceed their cost in 10 (ten) times. And this delta just looks like an apple of discord.
Representatives of Energoatom in 2014 just went to Russia to look at the drawings according to which Ukraine could make spare parts much cheaper for the Backup Diesel Stations, and does not depend on the aggressor country in a sensitive energy security issue.
Motorthech during the repair work made drawings of those spare parts in order to allow Energoatom to place orders at Ukrainian factories in the future. However, the cases for “state betrayal” and “sabotage” allowed the SBU to arrange searches and seizure of drawings. Again, the Security Service of Ukraine in this case removed all possible copies of the drawings, according to which Energoatom wanted to become independent of Russian suppliers.
The managers of Yuri Nedashkovsky were able to resist as much as possible, but Zaporizhzhia NPP, without a tingle of regret, carries out these purchases under the omophorion of the SBU Office in Zaporizhzhia region and the curators from the Central Directorate of Counter-Intelligence Protection of the State in the field of economic security of the SBU. Even in spite of the fact that “Bankruptcy of the Russian plant, production of which Energoatom is forcibly buying under the pressure of the SBU through Belarusians from Latvia”.
Amount involved is about 300 million euros.
That is how much all spare parts from the Russians, which are necessary for the planned repair of diesel generators in Ukraine will cost to Energoatom. Delta, as already mentioned, is about 90%.
For comparable money it would be possible to purchase completely new generators in Europe. If the set of spare parts from the Russians costs 4 million euros, then the new generator from the European manufacturer – 5 million euros.
Cheaper and even more reliable is to adjust our own production using drawings made from Russian spare parts (yes, they are not subject to patenting).
Instead, we are dealing with the Security Service of Ukraine case about some saboteurs and traitors in Energoatom, who go beyond the law in order not to buy Russian during the war with Russia at an inflated price. And who are allowed by the SBU to go to work and do business for more than two years without arresting for treason and sabotage.
Now it’s your turn to answer the question why the SBU does it: either because the matter is baseless, or there are bunglers who work in the SBU, or the SBU is corrupted and cooperates with the Russians in milking the “delta” on the purchases of Russian spare parts?
Yuriy Nikolov, Irina Sharpinskaya, “Our Money”.


Image credits: unian.
Source: nashigroshi.

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