Amnesty International issue on Ukraine has a specific name: investigation

In Dmytro Zolotukhin stream, he highlighted that the Amnesty International issue on Ukraine has a specific name. And he think he found it.

It is Donatella Rovera. She has worked for Amnesty for 20 years, observing conflicts in Sudan, Libya, Gaza, and Syria. She was born in Italy in the family of an Argentinian and a Roma of Romanian origin. She studied in France and Britain, where she attended the School for Oriental and African Studies of London University. Beyond any doubt, it is the study of Africa and the Middle East that gives her expertise in Russian aggression, since they are absolutely not as different as chalk and cheese.

Ms. Rovera is firmly convinced that she is absolutely right, and therefore, even if you add not only Oksana Pokalchuk to the "Peacemaker", but also all the Amnesty employees, they will be very happy and hand out medals to each other for the fact that they "even drew attention of Ukrainian nationalists".

They live on our resentment. And they believe this is the indicator of their professional work. She answers the question, "Should we be concerned about where the weapons in Ukraine go?" without a moment’s thought, "of course, because a lot of weapons remained in the hands of ISIS when the USA provided weapons to the Iraqi forces, and they left Mosul in 2014."

 Anyway, as I have already emphasized, this is not only a Ukrainian problem. Having given human rights activities to metamodernism, where there is room for blaming the victim alongside criticism of the aggressor, Amnesty got engaged in autophagy - devouring its own reputation, as well as colleagues’ reputations.

For example, no matter how the war in Ukraine ends - the Ukrainian office of Amnesty is DONE! That means they will no longer be able to help anyone or protect their rights... Because Rovera has trusted her judgment over the future of human rights activities in the world.

And it doesn't matter whether she gets Russian money for it. Destroying the potential of human rights protection in the narcissistic haze of arrogant experts, for whom Iraqi Mosul and Ukrainian Kharkiv are the same things, is a fact that has already happened.

Rovera and people like her commit a crime!

Not against Ukraine... Against their colleagues.

But there is also good news. Such organizations as the Red Cross, OSCE, Amnesty, and UN Security Council have proven to be not only helpless but also harmful to the development of humanity. To tell good from bad.

And this means they will be gone, and something new will come up instead.



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Durt Fibo

I exposed that name 3 days ago, in my article here:
August 5, 2022 -Durt Fibo

The overall vision of Amnesty has been smitten with homonymous hemianopsia these days. They seem unable to see that the Ukrainian military and fighting citizens were forced to defend urban and residential civilian areas because that’s precisely where the Russians attacked. The Black Zaporizhia (of the 72 brigade) fought off thousands of Russians attacking Kyiv, at times merely yards away…just one example from the first months of this illegal war on Ukraine. A month after assuming her position, Amnesty International’s Secretary-General Agnes Callamard was rebuked by the organization and her 2013 statement that Shimon Peres “admits” that Yasser Arafat was assassinated was revealed to have been her own mental extrapolation from a New York Times article in which niether Peres nor anyone else even implied it. Both Callamard and the organization deplored the blunder, with AI officially writing “The tweet was written in haste and is incorrect. It does not reflect the position of Amnesty or Agnès Callamard.” That was April 16th, 2021. Now Callamard is likely just trying to protect Donatella Rovera, the actual author of the report AI issued yesterday. Rovera herself has a history of inconsistency, writing, for Al Jazeera in 2012, “Israel’s bombardment of residential areas in the densely-populated Gaza Strip caused much civilian collateral damage….Once again civilians bore the brunt. The impunity afforded to those responsible for similar attacks in the past has no doubt contributed to their recurrence during this latest escalation of the conflict. What is needed now is an independent investigation to ensure that victims are not once again denied justice and reparation.”

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